On the Road to LOLITA!

MARCH is gonna be LOLITA MONTH!!!! 
So, since I've been into anime and manga, I have sooooo been trying to avoid the inevitable ... I'm Lolita at heart. I PROMISE it's a style I've been obsessed with. Before, I was just an admirer BUT  it's become an even bigger obsession since I've found nifty web shops so I can do my thang on a budget until I'm ready to go all in!
So for the month of March, I'll be sharing some Lolita stories so we can break down the goodies of this yummy fashion statement. I mean from outfits, to tights, bloomers, shoes, socks, headdresses, and accessories ... there's tons to share here.
The twist in my lifestyle would be knowing what I can wear to keep me close to this yummy lifestyle and fashion choice when I can't be a hardcore Lolita. If you're Lolita or coming into Lolita, what would be the twist in your lifestyle?

Hopefully you'll join us in March as we explore Lolita fashion and all its cutesy goodness!

-IF you wanna get your Lolita weight up to follow along in March, be sure to check out these sites :

-IF you want to share any Lolita stories or goodness, please email ipbrand@artistic-sole.com

-IF you're inspired by Lolita goodness, please leave a comment! (we like thooseeee!)

Alright cats & kittens! on to some Lolita MISS-Adventures!
~Je t'adore!