My Favorite Anime Couples (Anime Angel's Choices)

Now it's my turn to tell who I think the top 5 anime couples are So here we go.

Ed x Winry
Probably the most well known couple of anime, Ed and Winry have more downs than ups in their relationship but are still a great couple. Ed is still looking for a way to get his brother Al's body back while Winry is at home working on automail. In the end, these two have a history together that no one could break. Who knows, maybe in the future they will get together. For right now you guys have to watch Brotherhood to find out. ^-^

Inuyasha x Kagome

These two lovers are in a constant battle for love. Inuyasha still has feelings for Kagome, but also has feelings for Kikyo. Kagome has grown to love Inuyasha but can't help feel jealous of the love relationship Kikyo and Inyuasha had (since Kikyo shows up through half of the anime). Anyway these two throughout the whole anime show such strong love but also shows how to fight for your love.

"Why does have to feel like a battlefield?..."-Jordan Sparks "Battlefield"

Kiba x Cheza

One of my favorite anime shows and anime couples. Kiba and Cheza are two different species. *Spoilers if you haven't watched Wolf's Rain which you should* Cheza is a flower and Kiba is a wolf. Cheza is the key to go into a place wolves call Paradise, a utopia for wolves. The relationship between the two is very sweet and from the moment they meet, you can tell this relationship will last.

Zero x Yuuki

Yuuki and Zero have such of a complex relationship. The fact that Yuuki is in love with Kaname Kuran, makes Zero very withdrawn especially with Yuuki. I could tell that Zero has such love for Yuuki around the middle of the show. Yuuki, in my opinion loves Zero too but there is something about Kaname she needs to figure out. Instead of putting the love triangle, I just put Yuuki and Zero. To me Yuuki should be with Zero. You'll understand why when you watch both seasons of Vampire Knight (which is on ITunes).

Chrono and Rosette

Last and certainly not least we have Chrono and Rosette. Chrono and Rosette have been with each other ever since they met. We get the feeling of a great love connection with these two right off the bat and that feeling gets stronger throughout the series. That's my choices Anime Rules!!!