Incest In Anime A Recurring Theme?

You know I have watch tons of Anime and I have notice something. Anime has a lot of incest. Whether it's cousin on cousin relationship, brother and sister etc. Believe or not the theme of incest has been around a long time in Anime. My question is what is with the trend? Why are so many Anime characters staying inside the family? Let's take a deep look at Anime incest that's not Hentai.

Kouta & Yuka

Kouta and Yuka are from the Anime "Elfen Lied." These two are very close and I mean very close. Childhood friends sometimes when they get older hook up. These two are childhood cousins. Who has the stronger feelings? Yuka is the one who loves Kouta. She constantly gets jealous when she is not getting his attention. Even when Kouta is taking care of the orphan girl Myu, she is jealous. However Kouta finally gives in and confesses his love for Yuka as well.

Kyle & Minmei

There is some real debate with Robotech fans, whether Minmei loved Kyle back. I don't think she did. However it is clear that Kyle loved Minmei. He even forced a kiss on Minmei. He was constantly jealous of Rick's and Minmei's relationship. It wasn't just the fact the Rick was in the military that Kyle hated. Did Minmei have any type of feelings for Kyle? I think she did, but never really fully acted on it like she did with Rick. Either way Kyle's love for Minmei makes a worthy mention.

Takeru & Mari

Takeru & Mari are cousins. Only this time around Mari is in love with Takeru. She is similar to Yuka and gets jealous when Takeru is taking care of other girls. Like Yuka, Mari is annoying and immature. Only difference is that Takeru doesn't feel the same way and just says thanks.

Setsuna & Sara

Setsuna & Sara are from the Anime OVA "Angel Sanctuary." This is a brother and sister type of love. It's very complex since they both reincarnations of Angels. Even in there reincarnations there is an incest thing going on.

There are tons and tons of more incest love in the world of Anime. I've seen so much incest in Anime that it's becoming the norm now. Usually it's kissing cousins but rarely it's brother and sister, or mother and son etc. However why do you think there are so many incest couples in Anime? Why does it keep recurring? Let us know your thoughts on this subject. Does it annoy you? Are you used to it? I know some parents who won't let their child watch certain Anime with incest theme. Even though I think that's going extreme I can see why. Anyway let us know what you think in the commment section.