Another Code R: A Journey Into Lost Memories (Import Review)

In 2005 a Nintendo DS game entitled "Trace Memory" was released. It was a pretty fun game. You follow young Ashley Robins as she searches for her father. In 2009 a sequel was released in Europe and Japan only, entitled "Another Code R: A Journey Into Lost Memories." Is it worth the import? Or should this be something you will like to forget.

Story- The game like it's predecessor is very story driven. In the sequel it's three years later and Ashley is now sixteen years old. Her relationship with her father is still on the rocks. However they still communicate from time to time. One day Ashley gets a message from her dad to meet him at a campsite. Ashley reluctantly agrees to go thanks to some convincing from her aunt. When she arrives she is robbed for her bag and has a flashback of her mother. The overall of the story is to find the bag and uncovered the mystery of her mother. The story is well written and the characters will keep you playing. What really makes the story is the relationship Ashley has with her dad. It's a nice theme of how important parents are to the kids. Only thing with the story is that it really starts off slow till chapter 6.

Gameplay - The gameplay is very simple. Players will use the Wii-Mote to control Ashley. You don't do much but solve puzzles and find items. To move Ashley you point the Wii-Mote at the direction she can move too. It's simple and it works for this interactive novel. The flaw with the controls is when it comes to certain puzzles. In the beginning of the game you have to take a picture of Ashley with the DAS. The DAS is how Ashley communicates with her dad and keeps her data. Taking a picture was a chore. It literally took me five minutes to get the controls in the middle. Other puzzles such as getting a bag was also proved to be annoying. The controls are horrible when it comes to solving puzzles. Thankfully it doesn't kill the experience of the game. Ashley also comes equip with a new gadget called TAS. The TAS is shaped like a Wii-Mote and it was created by her mother. It used to unlock doors and it's heavily used in the game. Also heads up pay attention to the story, so when Ashley has to remember you get the correct answers. Overall the puzzles are easy to solve, it's just getting the game to respond to your actions.

Gameplay Video

Graphics - The graphics work well. It stays true with the DS feel. It's nice to see Ashley in full 3D and the cell shaded feel really brings it out. I like the look of the campsite, the trees blowing in the wind and Ashley's facial expressions. The graphics isn't nothing mind blowing, but it is great on the Wii. The graphics does what it's suppose to do, and that's keep true to the original with bringing new fresh elements to the story.

Sound - The sound is very mellow. The music is relaxing and gives you a lighthearted feel. The music reflects Ashley's character the most, kind, sweet but mysterious. There is no voice acting at all. For a game to be an interactive novel, I would of like to see voice acting. I think that some good voice acting would of really help bring the world to life some more. However it's staying true to the series, so it's not a big lost.

Replay Value - Another Code R: A Journey Into Lost Memories is a great story. However this will be a one time play through. It doesn't offer much outside the core story, still you will play it again just to play something different on the market.

Final Grade B-/8.0 - Another Code R: A Journey Into Lost Memories is something different that I hope we will see more of. I would love to see more interactive novels on the Wii. The story is interesting, music relaxing, but the clunky controls might turn some gamers off. Overall it's a nice experience that you should check out. Final Grade B-/8.0.