Technology I Used As A Kid

For a few days I have been on nostalgic trip. It started out when I was cleaning out my closet and found my old Tiger Handheld games. Then I just start remembering the gadgets I used as kid. Sit back and let me guide you back to a time, where there is no I-Pads, online gaming and more.

Record Player

I' am a mid 80's baby. I remember before my family got the cassette stereo system. We had the record players. I used to drive my mother crazy playing records like, "On Our Own" By Bobby Brown, "Thriller" By Michael Jackson and "Disney's Mousercise." Disney Mousercise was this compilation album that got kids to dance and workout. One of my favorite the songs was "Bug A Boo." Check out the video below of the song. Bad thing about the record player is that I always scratch the records.

Bug A Boo

Cassette Player

Before CD Players I listen to music on Cassette Tapes. I used to have a walkman and never left home without. Before burned CD's and I-Tunes. I used to listen to Hot 97 (New York) station for hours just waiting for "Candy Rain" by Soul 4 Real to play so I can record it.


I didn't really have first my computer until the mid late 90's. Instead I had to either go the library or use my Grandfather's Typewriter. I still remember typing my forth grade "Helen Keller" report on my Typewriter. I used to love playing on the Typewriter and putting my finger inside to get dirty with the ink.

Nintendo (NES)

The NES is my first videogame system. It was a system I played for hours. My first games were "Super Mario Brothers, Wrestlemania and Duck Hunt." No online gaming, you had to travel to friends houses to play multiplayer. Remember blowing the games to make the game work. Good times.


The classic VCR. Before DVD's and Blu Rays I had the classic VCR playing the original Star Wars Trilogy on VHS. I had tons of VHS tapes such as Howard The Duck, Tom and Jerry The Movie and many more. The flaw of the VCR was that sometimes your tape would get destroyed.

CD Player

Aww the good ol CD player another gadget I never left home without. I still see some people still rocking the CD player till this day. As reliable the I-Pod and other gadgets are, the CD player will still work under cold weather. My CD collection is still my house today.


"Oh man still rocking the pager." A word Sam Flynn utter in Tron Legacy. I didn't have a pager for a long, but I would borrow my dad's pager when I was outside with friends.