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 I feel like I'm at an A.A. meeting, which is really more like a Geek's anonymous meeting, and I get to introduce myself. So HI! My name is Imani K Brown, IKB or in.fa.mousIKB if you're familiar, and I am an artist. However, here on Otakus & Geeks, I'm one of the gang's latest contributors in the wonderful world of Cosplay & Fashion.
I won't bore you with any further details about me, but if you'd like to know anything beyond this simple introduction, want to request that I include or post something, want items for review of geeky fashion … or just simply want to say HELLO … please be encouraged to do so. I LOVE meeting new people!

Now, I got served my "writing" papers for the blog during my great Lego craze! I'm collecting all Lego games for DS, building Lego installation goodness for upcoming art shows, & taking classes at my local Lego store. So it's only right that my first post be about Lego goodness.

A fellow artist, Amari Mars, came to visit me and was rockin' her splendiferous Lego brooch. She's gonna share her goodies on it as it was a DIY brooch ALL her own.
                                                                                                    Inspiration :: 'I pulled inspiration for the brooch from several places. Initially I first saw the Lego brooch on a Tokyo fashion(cosplay) website. I have ALWAYS admired the style of those in the East(Asia) and how they can be so creative and free with their expression in fashion. So as with a lot of things I gave it a shot to see if I could create my own. An old button, super glue and a few Legos and it was on!'

Why Legos ::
Well Lego's have always been a source to express a vast amount of creativity when i was a child. Even as an adult I get a thrill from using Lego's to create. I've been thinking of creating a Lego charm to wear on a chain or even a Lego bow tie. I've already purchased the materials for the bow tie just have to make it happen. Looking to do that for the spring/summer. Maybe even a brooch using lincoln logs. Ive always got ideas.'

::NotSoLong Ago in LEGO Fashion::

LegoxStar Wars2007
LegoxNew Era
(by JC de Castelbajac), 2009


 HintMag  (by Dee & Ricky), 2010 
 FreshnessMag (by Dee & Ricky), 2010 
Until Next Time!
~je t'adore!