Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Wii Review

Kamen Rider is one of the most beloved TV series from Japan. But how does it hold up? Is this a must play? Does it do the Kamen Rider series homage? Check out the review.

Story - There is no story in this game. However one of the modes Mirror World, offers a brief description about the characters backstory. Sadly you won't know anything about the characters, unless you have knowledge of the show and history. It's a real disappointment and a miss opportunity, because Kamen Rider would've had an awesome story mode.

Gameplay - Kamen Rider Dragon Knight consists of 2 modes. 1p Play is when single player can play Arcade, Vs Com and Training. Arcade is facing series of opponents, Vs Com is when you take on the CPU opponent, and Training you practice moves. Mirror World is when you take on a series of missions, on this grid map. On this grid map you select your missions which usually are Arcade fights, with stipulations. Some stipulations are your opponent has more power, their cards are always max or they block all the time. There are other missions like defeat all enemies. These missions consists of you fighting a wave of enemies. Problem with Mirror World is that it's repetitive and not really fun. The controls for this game uses the Wii Nunchuck and Wii Mote with no option for just Wii Mote. The analog is used to control the fighters, C button is used to summer your Beasts during fights. The A and B are your standard attacks, the D-pad is used to switch cards. The cards you will gain from completing Arcade mode, and Mirror World. They can be purchase in the Card mode. Depending on what cards you buy, you can boost your attack, gain more moves and other cool stuff. The fighting in this game is average at best, it's cool to fight with Kamen Rider characters. However the controls take time to get used to. Sometimes pulling off moves is not as responsible with the analog and buttons. I would've enjoy it more if you can use the d-pad, it would've felt more comfortable. The missions were you have defeat all enemies is dull and don't take much challenge. All you have to do is button mash your way through the enemies. The camera work in those missions is not good if your are surrounded, you will have to wait for the camera to catch up with you. The gameplay is enjoyable for a while, but gets old really quickly.

Gameplay Video

Graphics - For the most part the graphics are pretty good. However some of the environments look bland and uninspired to the Kamen Rider universe. The special attacks look really cool especially Dragon Knights special attacks. I didn't see no framerate issues, it's just there is nothing in the graphic department to make me saw wow.

Sound - The sound is actually good. We don't the Japanese voice actors, but we do get some of the big names in Anime. Johnny Young Basch and Kyle Herbert provide voices. The music gives you that nice Japan fighter feel, that the series is known for. However some of the rock tracks weren't so great.

Replay Value - If you want to collect all the cards and unlock all the characters, then there is replay value. If you find enjoyment out of this medicore fighter than unlocking will keep you busy, but for others who don't want to deal with it will only play it once.

Final Grade D+/5.5 - No story mode, lack of moves, bad camera work in beat em up section. Kamen Rider Dragon Knight just doesn't offer enough to keep you interested. This is one ride you should avoid taking. Final grade is D+/5.5