International Superheroes (France)

We are back on the International Superhero radar. This time the location we journey into is France, to see what Superheroes they have. Here are some of our findings.

Arthur le Fantome Justicier (Arthur The Phantom Justice)

Arthur The Phantom Justice was created by Jean Cezard. Arthur is a ghost child who has travel through parts of history. His powers are flying through walls, not being able to be harmed by physical hits, he can also time travel by his own will. No time machine needed for this hero of justice.


Cosmo had a short lived run. But we like the way he looks so we gave him a spot. Cosmo is a Prince who travels with his girlfriend Yana, a kid name Punky and a robot name Bibip. They are traveling the galaxy to escape the evil ruler Rexor.


Mikros follows the story of three friends Mike Ross, Bobby Crabb and Priscilla Conway. These three people were mutated into a insect humanoids, by the evil alien race called the Svizz. Together they must stop the Svizz plans from taking over earth. Mikros powers are strength, flight and the ability to shrink.


Felina will remind many of Batman and Robin. Her parents are dead, she is rich and used to be in the circus. After her rich husband is killed, she decides to use her training and skills learned at the circus to fight crime.


Tenebrax follows the story of Edgar Dunor an author and his friend Doum. Together they discover the plans of Tenebrax. Tenebrax is an evil mad scientist who plans to take over Paris, with his army of evil super smart rats.