Toshinden (Import Review)

Remember a game called Battle Arena Toshinden for the Playstation? Well for those who don't know Battle Arena Toshinden is a fighting game and was well received in the gaming world. It spawn a few sequels after the original. Now Toshinden makes it's return to the Nintendo Wii in this new installment. Does it capture the same magic?

Story - Each fighter have their reasons to participate in the tournament, some wants to protect their families, some for justice, others for ambition. The story mode is heavy Japanese so we couldn't make out what was really going on. But the story seems solid enough.

Gameplay - Toshinden consists of 5 modes which goes as follows. Story mode, Vs mode, Survival Mode, Practice mode and create a Combo mode. Story mode you take the role of the main character as he goes through his journey. Vs mode you can take on a friend or CPU, there is no online play. Survival mode you must defeat a gauntlet of enemies by a certain time limit. Practice mode you can home your skills. Combo Maker is a tool where you can create combos from preset moves and purchase them into one combo. These points are usually earned in Story Mode or Survival Mode.

Players control the fighters with the Wii Mote and Nunchuck or the Classic Controller. The Wii Mote and Nunchuck can be a little difficult to execute the combos. The analog is used to move your character. The Z button is used for blocking and dodging attacks. The C button is used for dashing, this drains your attack use. But it's refilled by collecting the giant orbs that appears in the fight. The A and B buttons are used for your light and heavy attacks. The combat takes some getting use too. However even when you master the controls the combos are still hard to pull off. For a more better experience we suggest the Classic Controller. It's more friendly and feels more comfortable fighting. Sadly the characters in here only have a few combos. So trying to master them and to find out it's not worth it is disappointed. However a good thing about this is leveling up your weapons. Depending on who you choose you can even summon dragons, transform your suit of armor or simply unleash the full power of your blade. The summons are nice and armor protection gives you an extra edge in battle. The Combo Maker is a nice idea, but you have to buy the moves and some of them cost a lot. Overall the gameplay and fighting is average at best. Oh yeah there is NO RING OUT like the other games.

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Graphics - The graphics are decent enough! I would have like a little more interaction with the environment. There is a level that could have been awesome. You are fighting on a futuristic street, but yet no cars, nor traps, nothing comes to bring a epic fear. It just you and your opponent fighting on the street. The character designs are nice, you get a nice anime feel to their faces and movement. Overall the graphics are good enough, but the stages could have done way better.

Sound - The music is actually really good. The opening theme and the music in stages fit just right. Fighting you will feel like you are in an epic battle. The hard rock and strings are very addictive to listen too. The voice actors do their well for the time have on screen. It does however sound like your standard Japanese voices.

Replay Value - There are some secret characters to unlock. The story mode is difficult but gamers for up for the challenge on hard will enjoy it.

Final Grade C-/7.0 - Toshinden has it's moments. It's a decent fighter, but it lacks depth. The controls are difficult and the combos don't feel epic enough for you to keep playing. Is it worth the import? It depends on how bad you want to collect the Toshinden series. It's not bad, but not good either. Final Grade C-/7.0.