Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade Attack Review

*Sigh* there use to be a time when the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games was the hottest thing on the market. "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Arcade Game," "Turtles In Time" and "Turtles The Hyperstone Heist" just to name a few are all classics. All these classics were made by Konami. Now years later Ubisoft has the rights to our favorite heroes on the half shell, and for years they have been trying to recreate that same magic. However they have yet to pull it off with the 2009 DS installment, "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade Attack" is no different.

Story - The story is very simple and straight to the point. There is a temporal interference coming from somewhere in the city. The Turtles think Shredder has return and it's up to them to investigate. Their investigation leads them all over the streets of New York.

Gameplay - If Ubisoft and history has taught us anything is that TMNT games need to say in 2D. The game consist of eight levels which are rather short. You get to choose your favorite Turtle and a partner to accompany him. Or if you have a friend who has the game you two can link up and play together. Each Turtle has a rating of stats. For instance Donny has more range, Leo is more stronger, Mikey is more agile. The problem with these stats is that it doesn't do anything for the game. All the Turtles basically move the same and fight the same way. The gameplay follows simple controls that you expect in any beat em up. You have your kick button, strike button, block and jump button. This Turtle game tries to do something a little different though. In this game the Turtles can pick at objects such as a box or wood crate and hit their enemies. Sad part about this is the object you pick up is stronger than the Turtles actual weapons. The AI is repetitive and there is no strategy to beat them. Just hack and slash, but unlike other Turtle games it's not enjoyable. For a side scrolling game it's very annoying, this game really needs a target system. Nailing hits sometimes on the enemy is a chore itself, because the Turtles movement are stiff. The constant slowly down when you beat an enemy is also very annoying. There is little boss fights and the ones you do have is a joke and very easy. The game at least has more than one more for you to play such as, Survival Mode, Hard Mode and Boss Rush Remix Mode. But the clunky gameplay will leave you not wanting to try out the rest of the game.

Gameplay Video

Graphics - The graphics is a hit and miss. The backgrounds in some levels are really good to look out. The enemies however look horrible. This is some of the ugliest designs for thugs I've seen in a while. As you seen the video above, some enemies you can't even make out their faces. The Turtles on the other hand in the cutscenes look like the Manga counterparts. This I do like about the game is the cutscenes. But when cutscenes is your biggest draw in that's a problem. There are even repeats on the same scenery in some levels.

Sound - The sound is a snore fest. This Turtle game music is dull and dry. The music doesn't even compliment the environments or inspire you to get into the action. Especially level one's music. I actually turned the sound off because the music was boring. I was hoping at least the music would be good, but to no avail.

Replay Value - Unless you can endure the generic music, sloppy gameplay then give Boss Rush Remix Mode a try. Other than that this game has no replay value. One trip with the Turtles is enough.

Final Grade D-/3.5 - I'm sorry my Turtle fans this is not the game to play. It's just to painful and too boring to even consider this a rent. After you play this you will be wishing that turtles will stay 2D or go back to the original developers. Final Grade D-/3.5.