Snakebyte/SunFlex Premium Wii Board Brief Review

We got our hands on a Sunflex USA & Snakebyte's Wii Board. In their own words "The versatile fitness board doubles as an electronic scale and is designed to turn gaming into fun workouts by allowing players to stimulate ski jumps, skate, learn fitness coaches, play balance games, and more!" How does it hold up?

Design & Tech - The design is very basic and easy on the eyes. The board comes in two colors black and white. Easy to lift and comes with a built in LCD. This informs you when a connection with the Wii is made. We tried it on the Wii Fit and it works perfectly. Unlike the Wii controllers you will have to active the board once the game starts. It's really easy to sync. Just filp over the board and open the back piece where the batteries are. Inside is a black button, press that with the Wii sync button and boom it works.

Unlike the Wii Board this holds up 390lbs compare to Wii Board 330 lbs. We found this very impressive. So if you are a larger gamer have no fear, this board supports you. During our gameplay's with Wii Fit we didn't see no hiccups, glitches or anything to ruin our Wii. This works just as good as the original board. We also like the blue light indicators as well. It keeps you informed whether you are connected or not. The only downside to this is that it takes 4 double A batteries. However the board will shut down or go to sleep mode, when not being used. This saves and conserves batteries. The only downside is the price is $69.99 while Wii Fit Plus with the board is $89.99. However don't let that stop you, this can be used as a scale and it's more durable and more comfortable.

Final Grade B+/8.5: The Premium Wii Board is very easy to use. It looks great and feels great, but some might be turned off by the price and double A battery use. However that shouldn't stop you. This board can also be used as a scale, without playing the games. It supports people with a higher weight than the Nintendo board.Check it out if you are looking for an alternative.