International Superheroes (Philippines)

When we think of Superheroes we usually think of Spiderman, Batman, Superman, X-Men etc. There is no doubt that American Superheroes are probably the most well known around the world. But what Superheroes and characters not from USA and Japan? Well each week starting today, we're going start showing you guys Superheroes from other regions. Today's region will be the Philippines.

When it comes to Filipino comics one man usually comes to mind. His name is Mars Ravelo. Mars Ravelo is like the Stan Lee of the Philippines. He has created many characters and was one of the most popular comic book writers of his time. Let's take a look at some of his creations.


I know what your thinking. Oh my God that's WONDER WOMAN! Wrong! Her name is Darna or her alter ego Narda. What's her history? When a young girl Narda comes across a falling star, she decides to investigate it. Narda comes across a stone with the name Darna written on it. Like a curious child she swallows the stone, when she finds people are coming. She experiences a sensation of traveling in space. She collapses and is found by her family. When she returns home she tells her family what happen. When she mentions the word Darna she is transformed into the super strong amazonian woman. Her powers include flight, super strength and she can't be harm by man made weapons. Darna can also switch back forth from herself and Narda. But the two have to desire the switch. Darna's arch enemy is a snake woman name Valentia who can control snakes.

Captain Barbell

Captain Barbell is a young boy who is able to transform into a superhero, after he lifts a barbell that was given to him by a mysterious hermit. It has been said that Mars Ravelo was influenced by circus strongmen. His powers include super-strength, super-speed, vision powers, near invulnerable armor and flight.


Honestly when I first saw Lastikman I thought hey that's Mr. Fantastic. Then I read about his origins. Lastikman is actually an alien who became trapped on the planet Earth. He decides that he would fight crime there. He is able to stretch and reshape himself to any form he desires. His costumes is a part of him, he could never take it off. Very similar to Mr. Fantastic, but remember no idea is original.

Flash Bomba

Flash Bomba is a man who lost the use of his legs in an accident. He train the rest of his body to an athletic level. He heard a rumor about a creature named Tikbalang. Tikbalang is a creature that has a head of a horse and a body of a man. Tikbalang would grant powers to whoever defeats him. Flash Bomba challenged and defeated him. Flash Bomba powers include superhuman strength, ability to walk up walls, thunderclaps, enlarged extremities.


Dyesebel is a mermaid who was born from human parents. From birth she was despise because she was different from people who were superstitious. Her father was killed by the those who feared her, and her mother sends her to ocean where she would have a better chance to survive. She is found by Banak who later adopts her and takes her to live with them. There is more but we want you to look her up.

That is some of the creations of Mars Ravelo. There are many heroes from Philippines such as Maskarado, Merza, Japanese Bat and many more. Research and tells us what you find.