Scott Pilgrim Vs The World DLC Review

The new Scott Pilgrim Vs The World DLC was released this past week. For a great price for $1.99 is it worth spending? Umm its only $1.99 unless you spending candy money I say its worth downloading. The DLC contains two new modes and a new playable character in Knives Chau. The two games modes are Dodgeball and Battle Royale. In dodgeball players will have to defeat their opponent with the dodgeball. It's not your normal dodgeball game, you can't beat your opponents up normally. You have to harm them with the dodgeball. The dodgeball would have been more fun if it was multiplayer, and it was an actual dodgeball game. In battle royale players and their friends fight it out in all out brawl. This is actually pretty cool to play. Finally Knives Chau is playable in story mode. Knives is probably the best person to play with, she has more agility and is able to catch items being thrown back her. She also can call Young Neil for aid. Overall for $1.99 it's a pretty cool DLC to get. I love using Knives, her combos are a killer. Final Grade B-/8.0.