Michael Jackson: The Experience Review

His Music. His Moves. Your Experience. Michael Jackson The Experience has been released on the Wii. The game is consist of 26 songs from The King Of Pop himself. Players will part take in Michael's choreography. Is this worth putting on the glove? Or should you moonwalk away from this?

Story - Sadly there is no story mode in this game. I would've really like to had a career mode in this. A career mode would have been great. I would like to see me as an aspiring dancer who main goal is to join Michael on his concert tour. Sadly we don't see anything. It's a miss opportunity.

Gameplay - The game only comes with two modes. Dance and Dance School. Dance School is just filled with tutorials on how to perform the moves. However you have to unlock these tutorials by going to Dance mode. This didn't really make any sense to me. How am I suppose to learn the moves, if you're going to throw me in the lions den first? Besides that minor complaint. The game is beyond amazing. This is the dance game for the ages. Almost every song has it's original choreography. The key in this game is precision. Players will have to be precise if they want to get a good rating. The game consists of 26 songs which will be listed below. Depending on the song you can choose to follow Michael or the back up dancer. Each song is rated from Easy, Medium, Hard or Inhuman (for Thriller). The dance moves are very difficult to pull off, if you don't know what your doing. Trust me Dance School is going to become your best friend. The game also features a 4 player multiplayer and that's where the fun really comes. The joy of trying to be in sync with your friends, while trying to get the highest score is a blast. Memorization is the key to the game, it will take a lot of time and dedication to become a master. For that reason this is why the gameplay is so addictive, you are not going to settle for anything less than a five. The controls work smoothly for the most part. The Wii Mote is responsive 95% of the time. However there were sometimes where the Wii didn't recognize my moves. You have to be precise to win this game. Sadly there is no online play. Also beware though this game is a workout!

List Of Songs
• Bad
• Beat It
• Billie Jean
• Black or White
• Dirty Diana
• Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough
• Earth Song
• Ghosts
• Heal the World
• In The Closet
• Leave Me Alone
• Money
• Remember the Time
• Rock with You
• Smooth Criminal
• Speed Demon
• Streetwalker
• Sunset Driver
• The Girl Is Mine
• The Way You Make Me Feel
• They Don’t Care About Us
• Thriller
• Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’
• Who Is It
• Will You Be There
• Workin' Day and Night

Gameplay Video

Graphics - The graphics are pretty good. The environments are nostalgia of Michael's videos. "Thriller" is taken place in a graveyard. "They Don't Care About Us" is taking place in a prison. You have CGI Michael and his backup dancers guiding you as the dance moves are taking place. The graphics are colorful and no framerate issues. It's nice graphics for a dance game.

Sound - All 26 songs are some of Michael's best. Sadly a few songs I would've like to see such as "Off The Wall", "Get On The Floor" and "Blood On The Dance Floor." However the songs that are chosen are some of the King Of Pop's best. The dance coaches also deliver and you really feel like you are being trained for a show.

Replay Value - There is tons of replay value. Players are always going to want to improve their score. Bring a friend and double the competition and passion to become the best. In time trust me you will be like Mike or as good as his backup dancers.

Final Grade A-/9.0 - The game is amazing. Learning Michael's move is a challenge and it will take a lot of time. Great tracks, great moves and good graphics. This is truly an experience for any dance fan or Michael Jackson fan. The final grade is A-/9.0.