Metro Survive (Manga Review)

Title: Metro Survive
Author: Yuki Fujisawa
Number Of Volumes: 2
Pages - 204 For Both Volumes

Story - The story follows Shogo Mishima a pushover, who really doesn't know how to stand up for himself. Shogo makes a promise to his wife to be home on time for his son birthday. However at his job all the night shift workers have called out. His boss pressures him to take the night shift with his best friend. When the shift is over, morning has arrived and he has missed his son birthday. He gets on the train to try to make it home before he wakes up. As he is on the train an level 7 earthquake hits, trapping him and others with no need to escape. Together Shogo and others will have to band together to survive. However not everyone is very cooperative.

Yuki Fujisawa has written a Manga that is intense, psychological and manages to make the characters believable, without being over the top. The characters all have an insecurity or a problem that they have to face. What really makes this a worthy Manga to read, is when the psychological aspects takes place. When despair, hunger and sexual frustration takes over, all hell breaks loose. Friends will betray friends, murders start to happen and tears will flow. As great the characters are I did find just a little flaws in characterization. For the antagonists we really don't get a back story of who they are. It's like they were just thrown in there to add tension to the story. The antagonists are very evil and you will pray for a crimson fate. The story makes you wonder what would you do in a similar situation. The theme of survival, facing your problems head on is analysis and explore in a way, you could probably write an essay on this. Every decision has a huge impact on the characters. When Shogo is appointed leader he not only have to conquer his demons, but help others do the same. It's a character story that you will re-read again.

Art - I love the Artwork in this Manga. Yuki has added much detail from, facial expressions, environments and wording use. I did however find some the of the character ugly to look at. However there is not much complaint on the art at all. Here is sample below.

Final Grade A-/9.0: This a wonderful manga to read. With over 400 pages to read, the story doesn't get dry. In fact it's intense right down to the final act. Some characters will have you disgusted at the nature of some humans. While other character will make you proud and give you faith that there is still good in this world. The art work is great, but some characters designs will make you say eww. Regardless of a few flaws this a must read.