Hetalia Review

Hey everybody! It's been a while since I did a review about anything. I missed manga/comic week which I will make up to you guys later. Right now I want to talk about one of my fav shows, HETALIA!

Axis Powers Hetalia is about countries from WW1 and WW2 personified by handsome men. lol. The thing that makes this show really a comedy is that they make fun of the other countries. Sure there is offensive banter however some of the banter has a reason behind it. I will explain why.

Hetalia gives us facts about the countries and other fun facts during WW1 and WW2. Thats why the jokes are so funny. Now I hear people out there say that the show is racist. Not true. The creator of Hetalia wasn't trying to be racist. Here is what I found out while reading the Hetalia manga:

"....One of my original ideas for this manga was to create a story about really useless, uncool heroes with New York as a setting. While I was researching different personalities for the countries, I found a website with a bunch of ethnic jokes. Throughout my research, I kept seeing jokes about Italy's military like: "Do we have enough white flags?" or "While everyone else is fighting, Italy was busy retreating." Seeing silly little tidbits like this got me interested in the Italian military and ended up forming the foundation of the manga." " ...... Hetalia Axis Powers was intended to be a one-shot story...."

Well thats the origin and the synopsis.

Grade A+

I give this an A+. The facts and comedy is spot on and everyone has there own opinion about this show. I still love it no matter what. Lets all "MAKE PASTA NOT WAR! Anime Rules!!!!!!