Dear Hollywood Leave Anime Alone!

Hello my dear Otakus and Geeks out there. I haven't ranted in a very long time. But some latest rumors have me severely pissed. What has The Cool One feeling uncool you ask? We'll a few things my friends just a few things. Today I got news that Zac Efron might be playing the lead role in the live action Akira movie. The role he might be playing is Kaneda. Also get this, the movie might not take place in Neo Tokyo. No Hollywood wants to Americanize something that doesn't need to be Americanize. This Akira movie might be in Neo Manhattan. *Sigh* can someone please tell me why Hollywood hasn't learned? I mean Hollywood has done well with Superhero/Comic Book adaptations like The Dark Knight, Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, Spiderman 1 and 2, The Walking Dead and many more. My question is why can't they give Anime that same dedication and love? Does anyone remember the horrible "Dragonball Evolution?" I already did a rant on that, but seriously I almost raised my blood pressure when I heard them called Goku, "Geeko." That's another story.

My problem with Anime live adaptations is that it doesn't stay true to the source. Or capture the same magic. Plus finding Actors who look similar to Anime characters is very hard. Truthfully I've seen better cosplayers who look more like the Anime characters, than the actors these producers have chosen. Let's look at exhibit A. Here below you see Justin Chatwin and Anime Angel's Cosplay Boy Of The Week. Who looks more like Goku to you? Justin Chatwin is on the right and the cosplayer is on the left.

Isn't it obvious that the Cosplayer looks more like Goku. The major problem I have with these so called adaptations is that the material is dumbed down and worst Americanized. Let me give you a clear example. Dragonball universe story wise is the most easiest story to adapt. How did they get the idea of making Goku a dude who gets bullied I will never understand. If these filmmakers take the time and actually WATCH and READ the material. They would know that Goku didn't go to high school and the only education he really had was driving school lol. Back to the topic most of these adaptations are made to appeal to American audiences. However you can't do that, because you hurt the main fan base. Last Airbender was a perfect example of dumbing down the story, miscasting and changing the main character's name. However my Otaku's we can't blame just Hollywood. Yes it's true because the original creators have to give the rights for this stuff to be made. So the question is who is suffering the most us or the original creators? These filmmakers claim they are fans of the stuff, but when you look at the film it shows they have no knowledge at all. Chris Nolan is a fan of Batman you can tell by his two movies. The way he captured the soul of The Dark Knight, the atmosphere, characters were all there. Edgar Wright is a fan of Scott Pilgrim. Yes a few changes were made but the spirit and core of the story was there. I don't think Hollywood takes Anime seriously unless Disney is distributing it. I'm starting to think these filmmakers need a fan consultant for these type of films. Who better knows the source material better than the fans? Hollywood here are some tips for you.

1. Get a fan consultant. Someone who knows the source material who can help with the film.

2. For the love of geeks read the damn material or watch the material. Eat, breathe and sleep that shit.

3. If the producers or higher up's are trying to change the source material, then fight for your art. This is your movie directors. That's your job! Direct!

4. Stop trying to appeal to an audience who is not going to pay attention. Someone who is not an Otaku, Gamer, Geek etc might not become a fan of DBZ etc after seeing the live action movie.

5. Respect the fanbase.

Either way no matter how much I cry out. Hollywood is cashing in and laughing all the way to the bank. Here is just a list of rumors of possible live adaptations that Hollywood has planned for Anime, Videogames etc.

1. Ghost In The Shell
2. Cowboy Bebop
3. Robotech
4. Voltron (That's Happening)
5. World Of Warcraft
6. Thundercats
7. Jonny Quest
8. Dragonball Rebirth (Evolution Sequel FML)

That's just to name a few. How can we stop this? It's simple we don't go see these movies. A movie needs to make money in order to get a sequel. If we don't support it, then no sequel. However dear friends this madness will not end. I can imagine most of this stuff will be in 3D as well. Hollywood I just want to say thank you for nailing the casket on hopes for good live adaptations Anime films. As my sister (Anime Angel) says Anime Rules!!! Let us Otakus and Geeks rule it not these people who know nothing about it.