Tron Legacy Panel

I went to the Tron Legacy Panel with my friend Betty. Needless to say it wasn't what I was expecting. I thought that it being the Tron Legacy Panel we would see clips of the movie. Or at least someone who worked on the film. Sadly to say there was no one. You are probably wondering what the panel was about then. The panel was actually Tron's new upcoming video game "Tron Evolution." The producers, developers and some guy who is working the comic book showed up. To make it short they showed us a power point presentation of what to expect in the game. There will be a new virus invasion, new characters and of course the light cycles look bad ass. The game will be using the Unreal Engine. So fans of the unreal engine should rejoice. The gameplay of the light cycle looks pretty good. It's great that they added online play so players can race with friends all over the globe. Overall it was a good panel. I just wish we got stuff from the movie.

Here is some pics my friend Betty took at the panel. Tron Evolution will be available on all systems and I-Phones.