Ne-Yo Panel At New York Comic Con

Hey everyone! I want to tell you about my experience with Ne-Yo. I got his autograph and some video from his panel that will be up soon. Ne-Yo, along with his album, is writing a comic book that is called The Libra Scale. This is also the name of the album. Each song represents what is going on the comic. Here is the story. Jerome and two of his friends work together as garbage collectors. They were going their thing when a man appeared with a proposition. He will make all three of them heroes with special powers to save the city. However, they must follow three rules: 1. Protect the city at all cost. 2. Tell no one when, why, where or how you got the powers in the first place. 3. DO NOT FALL IN LOVE. For me I can deal with the first two but the third one is a bit of a stretch. Jerome and the others were a bit skeptical about the last rule too. Although who wouldn't want to have super powers? So they all agreed. This is when the songs come in. I'll give you the story of Beautiful Monster but watch his music videos to figure the rest of the story. Of course Jerome fell in love with a girl named Pretti Sinclair and some of his powers transfered into her witch made her evil. Now Pretti has self- declared herself mayor and is taking over the city. That is the story behind Beautiful Monster. She is beautiful but a evil little vixen at the same time.
For me I love the storyline. I think it's unique in its own right. Tell me what you guys think. Do you think this will be something you can get into while reading or do you think its a waist of his talent and should stick with singing. Well I like it but thats just me. Tell me your thoughts in the comments below. Anime Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!