NBA Jam Review

It has been years since an NBA Jam game was released by Midway. This time around EA Sports has the classic game on their hands. Is this new NBA Jam just as good as the old one? Or should you dust off the old Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo and play NBA Jam TE.

Story - Since this a sports game. Their is no story to this game. However if you want a story I will give you one. One day I went blah, blah, blah blah.

Gameplay - EA has delivered on the gameplay. Veteran players will feel right at home once they pop the game in. The game offers various modes to play from. There is the classic campaign mode, where players will choose a team of the choice and face the entire league. There is also new modes such as 1 on 1 boss battles. In this mode players will face NBA Legends in a one on one, toe to toe in a game. Elimination mode players will can take up to four players in an free for all. The player with the lowest score will be eliminated. Other modes include 21, which is a famous game in street ball. First player to score 21 points win. One of my favorite mode is "Smash." In this mode players will have to destroy the backboard strictly by slam dunks. Finally the Remix Tour which plays much like the game, only it has additions of powerups. This is nothing really new, if you played the NBA Jam TE in the old days. Some new powerups like speed, power and shrink. It's a welcome edition but it's not something you will be rushing to play.

The gameplay works very well on the Wii. EA Sports made sure there are many options on how to play. Players can play with the Wii Nunchunk and Mote and use the motion player option. Players will shoot and block by moving their body upwards and then down. Controlling the player will be used with the Nunchunk. However I felt playing with the motion sensor, was taking from the retro experience and found it more difficult. I suggest players to use the Wii Mote or Classic Controller, since it's more simple and easier to play. Sorry Gamecube owners the cube controller is not supported. The A.I. is challenging depending on the level you choose. I found the boss battles very fun to play. To go one on one with the legends and slam dunk in their faces is a blast. EA Sports have given the fans a true love letter and the gameplay doesn't disappoint. The only problem with this gameplay is their is no online play at all. I hope you have friends with the Wii who would like to play with you.

Gameplay Video

Graphics - The graphics stay true the original series with a few tweaks. The game still features real life photographs of the players with 3D model bodies. The crowd can't really be seen that well in the higher levels. However it's not something you will care about. The stadiums look clean and crisp. There was no framerate issues, everything runs smooth. Also yes fans the crowd still takes pictures when you are on fire.

Sound - The music in the game is pretty weak. It's not something you will bop your head too. However the commentary is pure classic NBA Jam. With new catch phrases and the famous line "He's on fire." Players will feel very nostalgic when listening to the commentary.

Replay Value - There are tons of things to unlock and Easter eggs to see. If you know NBA Jam then you know there are hidden celebrities in the game like the Beastie Boys, President Obama and Sarah Palin. The Jam challenges will keep you busy as you want to unlock everything in the game. With new modes, and harder difficulty the game will keep you playing. However no online play will keep online players away from this game.

Final Grade B+ - This game will make you feel nostalgia in the first the week of playing. The gameplay, sound and feel of NBA Jam is intact. With a few new additions like Remix Tour and Smash it breathes a new life into the franchise. However no online play and not much to offer after the game is complete, stops this game from being a solid A+. Final grade is B+.