Kirby's Epic Yarn Review

Kirby fans have been waiting for a Kirby game since the Wii started. So far we have seen Zelda, Mario and Super Smash Brothers. However fans were wondering when they favorite round pink friend, will return to his own game. Well finally Kirby is back in a new adventure. However is this the Kirby game you were looking for? Or should you give this yarn to the cats?

Story - While in Dreamland, Kirby always thinking with his stomach spots a different looking tomato. He tries to the eat it and turns out to be the Metamato. The Metamato belongs to a evil wizard by the name of Yin Yarn. Yin Yarn angered by Kirby's actions sends him the magical world "Patch Land." Patch Land is a place where everything is made up of yarn. In Patch Land Kirby rescues Prince Fluff. Fluff tells Kirby that Yin Yang has split patches that make Patch Land whole. They will have to find golden threads to make it whole again.

Gameplay - The gameplay is very simple and easy to do. Players will hold the Wii Mote sideways and use the D-pad,1 and 2 buttons to operate Kirby. Unlike other Kirby games, Kirby will not have the power to suck in his enemies, and take their powers. This time around Kirby uses a yarn whip that's like an extension of his body, to take down enemies. Depending on the level Kirby will also be able to use vehicles and other transformations. Some transformations include a Giant Rocket, UFO, Train, Surfboard and many others. There also some mini games and items to collect. Throughout the game Kirby will find items to secret stages, and items to help him build a apartment that he is staying in. The levels are very easy and that's the main problem I have. Kirby can't die in this game. I tried to die many times and an angel just comes and saves Kirby. Even though this game is catered to the younger audience. They should at least be able to know what it's like to lose. However the level designs are great, fun and addictive. It's just way too easy to play. You can also bring a friend along to play Prince Fluff and help you with the adventure. However since nobody can't die in the game their is no worries about losing. In multi-player you can operate transformations together and carry each other to reach hard places. However there is no online play for this game. The boss battles are very simple and easy, all you have to do is figure out their pattern.

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Graphics - Who would've thought that a game with yarn will look this good. Kirby's Epic Yarn design is wonderful. The graphics and levels are so artistically done so well, it's one of the best on the Wii. Everything from Kirby to the enemies all have their unique look. I really enjoyed the grass land level and how some of the background looks like a quilt.

Sound - The music is really beautiful to listen too. It's classical music through out the game. The music is soft and mellow and might put some to sleep, who are not use to that classical music sound. However the only song I didn't like was the desert level. I feel that every game that has the desert level has that same sound.

Replay Value - With tons of stuff to find. Secret levels to play and wanting Kirby to have a good apartment. It offers some replay value, also you have a great multi-player if you want to bring a friend along. However the easy gameplay and not being able to die will turn off some gamers.

Final Grade B+ - Kirby's Epic Yarn is a fun game to play. However it's way too easy even for the kids. The music and graphics are must see experience. The gameplay is solid and has some replay value to it. However the game is a breeze to play through. Kirby's Epic Yarn gets a B+.