James Bond "Bloodstone" Hands On Preview

New York Comic Con was a blast and is officially over. Now it's time to tell you otakus and geeks about the great games we played. The first game that I couldn't wait to touch was James Bond "Bloodstone." The great thing about playing this demo was that you actually got to catch with the developers of the game. The great thing about this demo is that you had a wide range of levels to play. Their was the driving level, boat driving level and shoot levels.

Story - Well the developer I talk to Sandy was very tight lipped on the story. However Sandy did ensure that the story is original. The story was written by the same writer who wrote Goldeneye. Sandy said "We are really trying to give players the feel of Daniel Craig's James Bond. As you know James Bond is aggressive and want players to see that side of Bond." Judging from the cut scenes I saw which I won't spoil the game doesn't disappoint on story. It is very action packed. The driving stages run very smooth. I didn't have no control issues whatsoever. As I was driving buildings were blowing up and cars were shooting at James. However you won't be able to drive and shoot at the same time. As Sandy said "It would be very difficult to drive and shoot at the same time." I love the realism the game brings.

Gameplay - First let me talk about the shooting level. This new James Bond game is a 3rd person shooter. Unlike other Bond games this won't be in 1st person. I actually like that this is 3rd person, because of the aggressive nature that they are going for. Daniel Craig's James Bond uses a lot of hand to hand combat. That wouldn't work in first person. The gameplay is like your usual first person shooter. However their are situations where you have to decide whether you should stealth or go out guns blazing. Bloodstone introduces a focus feature in the game. Depending if you use hand to hand combat, the focus meter will fill up. The focus meter slows down the action making it easier to take out multiple targets. It's a nice way to take out multiple enemies. The hand to hand combat is very brutal. I slammed this guys head against the wall taking him out for sure.

Graphics - The graphics are similar to Quantum Of Solace game but way better. Character models are environments are great too look out. The driving level explosion are great. I didn't get any glitches during the demo.

Sound - The music is the game is wonderful. Pure James Bond sound it's very epic. Daniel Craig and Judi Dench reprise their roles and from the clips shown it's what you can expect from them.

Overall this game might be the best Bond to come out in a long time. Check out our full review in November.