High School Of The Dead (Anime Impression)

My friends and other Otakus kept saying to me. "Justin you have to watch High School Of The Dead." Did you see High School Of The Dead yet? Well truthfully I haven't watch it yet, because I'm still finishing Madlax, Ergo Proxy and D.N. Angel. Well I finally decided to watch a few episodes. A few episodes turn into 9 episodes. I must say that this one of the best Anime I've seen in a while. I was blown away to finally see an Anime about zombies. This isn't like a silly zombie anime show, this something I've been waiting to see. A zombie drama show and with "The Walking Dead" just a few weeks away. This show kept my zombie needs feed.

What I Like - So far from the nine episodes I have seen. I'm in love with the drama. I love how this anime is showing the real effects of the zombie apocalypse. Naturally humans are going crazy killing each other. Everyone is trying to survive and make the best of the situation. I really love the characters in this story. Especially Takashi Komuro I'm not going spoil anything. All I have to say is the first two episodes is wow. The animation is beautiful. There are some CGI use but it's done so well you can't really tell. The music I'm so in love with. If anyone knows the insert song at the end of Episode 1, please let me know.

What I Don't Like - The only thing I don't like is the fan service. I mean it's really, really overused in this anime. Like I said in Episode Ten Podcast Show "I Love Boobies." There is no way a woman with huge breast like that can move that fast. But hey it's fiction right. Overall it's a really good show I can't wait to see more.