Taiko no Tatsujin Wii Dodoon to 2 Yome Review

The Taiko series is one of the most fun games in Japan. I finally got a chance to play the game. I can tell you that the game is very addictive, and one of the most fun music games I have played. However the question is should you import it?

Story - You play as your Mii character and you are on a mission. The mission is to build a baby Taiko Watadon. How do you build the baby? It's very simple you have to play music, and it will give it battery life. The story is simple, but since it's a music game it's not the strongest point.

Gameplay - Gamers that are familiar with the DJ Max series should feel right at home. The gameplay is simple and very addictive. Players will hold the Wii Mote sideways. Players will have to press the 1 and 2 button depending on the color red or blue. Time it right and you will get the points. Press 1 for Red and 2 for Blue. For such a simple gameplay you will not stop until you have the best score. With 70 songs to choose from, that includes J-Pop, Anime, Videogame themes and original works from Namco themselves. Players will surely have a lot of game time to master each song. Don't think that because the gameplay is simple that it's easy. In fact the game suggest that you start on Rookie level. As you start developing your skills, the songs get harder. It's a challenging game and you will have to be quick with the buttons.

Gameplay Video

Graphics - The graphics are very colorful. It has a Anime style and gives you the Japanese Pop culture feel to it. I also love the edition of your Mii's being incorporated in the game. The graphics also include the lyrics to the game on each song, so if you can read Japanese sing along. Overall the graphics do what it's suppose to do. It gives you a fun feel with style and cool art design.

Sound -
A music game with horrible songs will ruin the game. However this game is not one of those games. The music is amazing! If you love J-pop music this is a must get. For the Otakus out there some songs you can play with is "Dragon Soul" and "Cruel Angel Thesis." Gamers will love to play with the theme from "Dragon Quest IX." With so many songs to play with, you will find yourself looking at Itunes to find them. The sound does not fail in any aspect. However there will be some songs that you will never play. But this game really delivers.

Replay Value - If you are like me and want to be a master. You will play every song, over and over until you have the top scores. You can also grab your friend and really have a ball. It's a great party game that all will return too.

Final Grade A+ - Do you love J-pop? Do you like a music game with an Anime style to it? Do you want something challeging that you can play over an over? Well this is the music game for you. Great music, great gameplay and very addictive. This is a really good import to get.