Spiderman Shattered Dimensions Review

Is he strong? Listen bud he's got radioactive blood. Can he swing from a thread? Just take a look overhead, hey there here comes the Spiderman. Spiderman returns in a new adventure. However this time the amazing Spiderman is not alone. He has three other Spidermen to help along the way. Should you suit for this new adventure?

Story - Mysterio is at again. He's after the Tables Of Order and Chaos. A powerful tablet that gives amazing power. During the battle with Mysterio, the tablet shattered and scatters across the dimensions. Enters Madame Web, the annoying old lady who seems always to interrupt Spiderman's life. Madame Web brings three other Spidermen to aid the Amazing Spiderman. The other three Spidermen are Spiderman Noir, Spiderman 2099 and Ultimate Spiderman. Together the Spidermen would have to stop the villains in their dimensions, who has the fragments and restore order to the universe.

The story is fun. It's a great concept to bring more Spidermen into the game. Great use of villains. Out of all the Spiderman games, this one really nails Spidey's wits and jokes . The story brings back the fun loving webslinger we all fell in love with.

Gameplay - Unlike previous installments of Spiderman games. Spiderman Shattered Dimensions is not an open world game. The game is level based, which you will use a different Spiderman in each level. Each Spiderman has his own unique of fighting. For instance Spiderman Noir main tactic is stealth. Ultimate Spiderman uses the symbiote suit, which has a rage meter to give him that extra strength. Spiderman 2999 is more skilled in acrobatics and web slinging, his combat skills are also the best in the game. Finally the Amazing Spiderman can attack with combat and web attack, such as web hammer. Players will also earn points for upgrades, during missions. There are two type of upgrades, the character upgrades and combat upgrades. The character upgrades is where players will be able to upgrade their health, rage meter and other Spiderman abilities. Combat upgrades players can earn new devastating combat moves.

The levels are a blast to play. However you will see it does get repetitive with the way it happens. Villain has fragment, chase the villain, villain stops and you fight some bad guys. Then villain runs again and uses fragment to get stronger. Finally a boss battle happens. The A.I. can get a little challenging thanks to large numbers of enemies. But this nothing that a little thinking and Spidey Sense can't fix. The boss fights ranges from normal to hard. During the boss fight there will be a point, where you will have to fight in first persons. Players will use the analog sticks to control Spidey hands to punch and block. On the Wii version you just throw your punches like how you would do in real life. If you want more in depth experience with the combat, the Wii version is the right choice. Thanks to it's motion control I had more fun fighting than on the PS3 and Xbox 360. However webslinging is a little awkward for the Wii. It takes some getting use too. Overall the gameplay is enjoyable for all systems.

Gameplay Video

Graphics - As you can see in the gameplay video above. Their is just a color and filter difference between the Wii version and Ps3, Xbox 360. Otherwise the graphics look great for the Spiderman universe. It gives us a comic book feel to it. It's not the best graphics of the year, but it really does Spiderman justice. The Wii Version is a lot more brighter than it's HD companions. However it doesn't really hurt the experience. The graphics is does it job to give us a real Spiderman comic book feel.

Sound -
The sound pulls all the stops for the fans of the Spiderman cartoons. Each Spiderman is played by one of the leads from a previous series. Christopher Daniel Barnes from Spiderman TAS returns to play Spiderman Noir. Neil Patrick Harris who played Spiderman in Spiderman The New Animated Series voices Amazing Spiderman. Josh Keaton from Spectacular Spiderman voices Ultimate Spiderman. The most surprising to us was they got Dan Gilvezan who voiced Spidey in Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, plays Spiderman 2099. Needless to say the voice acting is top notch with talented actors from all over the animated and film universe. The music is generic and not really memorable though.

Replay Value - If you want to unlock all the Spidey suits. Also collect all the little goodies along the way. Then go for it. This game you will play at least two more times. But outside the main game it doesn't offer much at all sadly/

Final Grade B- Solid voice acting, fun gameplay that can get a little repetitve. However there is little to offer in replay value. The story is decent and interesting enough, but it's just good enough to keep you going. The graphics give a comic book fell which really brings you into Spidey's world. Final Grade is a B-. Enjoy the sweet cameos. That Merc really does have a mouth.