Psycho Staff (Manga Review)

"To Hiiragi Kouichi-kun. I'll be waiting for you after school behind the school gym."- Sakuragi Umeko. Little did Kouichi know by meeting this girl, he would be changing his life forever.

Story - When Kouichi gets what would be a love letter from Sakuragi, he's excited. Then Sakuragi throws all thoughts of romance out the window. She tells Kouichi that she wants to take him to Planet R'lyeh. Kouichi extremely weirded out by this leaves the area. However this won't be the last time he will see Sakuragi. Sakuragi begins following Kouichi everywhere. Kouichi finally decides to hear Sakuragi out. It turns out that she is an Alien and needs Kouichi help in fighting a war. Kouichi has a rare gift he has esp. He is a rare class B of esp. Sakuragi needs Kouichi to come with her, so he can train and join the Psycho Staff. However Kouichi refuses and doesn't care about power, responsibility or war. Kouichi wants to live a normal life. He just wants to study and go to a university. It's not until Sakuragi rival Himehagi Himeko Sensei, starts testing Kouichi that he gets serious.

The story by Satoshi Mizukami is well written. The characters you fall in love with. Sakuragi attempts to try to bring Kouichi into the Psycho Staff is fun to read. I really love the style of comedy, action and the innocence romance. What really makes brought me home with the manga was the theme. The theme of power and accepting your gifts. Mizukami stresses through various characters the importance of using your gifts. My favorite character is Sakuragi. She is an odd ball but really has her own principles and values.

Final Grade B+ - Psycho Staff is a well written Manga. It has a great theme, great ending and the director's notes are funny. The characters might be a little underdeveloped, however it doesn't hurt the story. The pacing is well done and you will Re-Read it again. I hope this will become an OVA or a short Anime Series. I can see Laura Bailey and Chris Patton in these roles.