Geeky Cakes Pt 2.

I'm back with more geeky cakes that I'm just dying to eat. Let's look at the first cake which is a Zelda cake from Wind Waker. I know MissyJay from would love this cake.

This looks so yummy! This a cute Dragonball Z cake with Vegeta and Goku on the top. I love the stars that surrounds the cake.

Sonic The Hedgehog has a wonderful cake. Who doesn't want to eat this adorable Hedgheog's face?

It's me Mario! This has to be the best looking cake of them all. This cake has so much detail, that I wouldn't want to mess it up by eating it.

Miko wherever you are I hope you enjoyed your cake. This is a nice design and looks so delicious. Cakes Rule!!!!!