Sonic 2 gets better, Sonic gets fat, and then gets awesome.

With the upcoming arrival on Sonic the Hedgehog 4 and Sonic Colors I figured it'd be a good time to look at some Sonic related videos on youtube. Some of them hilarious, while others are mostly awesome.

Sonic 2 is an incredible game, definitely my favorite in the series (If not my favorite game ever). How would you improve upon video game perfection? Is it even possible? Oh yes, yes it is. How you ask? Give Sonic and Tails voice acting, of course.

Absolute perfection I tell you.

Sonic 2 XL is a rom-hack created by Captain Bozo that replaces the regular golden rings Sonic acquires with well... onion rings. But that's not all, as Sonic collects the delicious morsels he starts to put on a bit of weight. It can get to the point where Sonic is just this fat blob rolling down hills at incredibly fast speeds. I'd like to play it, but I would seriously have to change the way I play Sonic so I don't die seven seconds into the game.

And this undeniably awesome video is a remake of the final zone of Sonic & Knuckles done in stunning 3D animation. This is only part one, as the creator was very busy when he made it and never gave it an ending. He's still busy (he now works at Bioware) but hopefully he'll be able to finish this.

Spotted on SegaAddicts.