Fashion For The Geeky Girls From

If there is one thing I love as much as Anime is Geeky clothes. I've been searching and searching for a site, that will have cool geeky stuff for us girls. I found a really cool site called They have cool accessories, clothes and other things. Here is just a taste of what you will find. Check out these Iphone earrings they are cool.

Okay ladies it's time to let the world know you love Steampunk.

Aww nothing will make a geeky girl feel special than a nice heartshaped necklace. This looks 8-bit don't it?

I like this shirt. It shows love to the tech geek girls of the world. The hamsters are so cute.

I love this shirt. If I have to choose Ninja's or Pirates. I would choose ninja's all the way. This is a funny shirt for the ninja lover girl.

There is plently of stuff to see at Make sure you check out some of their geekery stuff. Anime Rules!!!!