Vampire Knight Fanfiction Ch. 3

This is the 3rd chapter of my Vampire Knight Fanfiction. (This is for the fans of this anime, I forgot that Yuuki's weapon is named Artemis. So my bow is called Athena, after one of my favorite Greek gods). I hope you guys enjoy. This chapter continues on when Yuuki, Zero and I heard a scream while on patrol. Anime Rules!!!!!!!

Zero: How did you...?

Yuuki: We have no time to ask questions. Let's go!

(I start running after her and Zero follows).

Meanwhile outside the Night Class Dormitory

Fangirl 1: Did you get the shot?

Fangirl 2: Yeah oh and thanks for worrying about me. You know since I was the one who climbed the tree and you know almost died as I fell out of it!!

Fangirl 1: Well that's why you went up there instead of me. Your more brave and agile than I am.

Fangirl 2: Just be lucky that I got the damn... ouch!

(She fell to the ground in pain).

Fangirl 1: What's wrong? Are you hurt?

(I arrived first on the scene even though Yuuki was ahead of me).

Anime Angel: What happened? Who screamed?

Fangirl 1: Wait aren't you that new girl that just transferred here. Why are you a prefect?

Anime Angel: It's hard to explain but we need to get both of you inside now!

(Then Yuuki arrived)

Yuuki: What are you girls doing? You know it's forbidden to be out here past curfew.

(Yuuki saw the camera by the girls and picked it up).

Yuuki: It looks like either they wanted pictures to hang up on their wall or blackmail the Night Class.

Fangirl 1: Hey give that back! We worked hard for that picture!

Fangirl 2: We worked hard?! You wasn't the one that fell from a tree trying to get the picture!! Ow!

Anime Angel: Let me see. Oh boy your bleeding. Yuuki!

(Yuuki suddenly pulled out Artemis hitting Aidou- Senpai in the hand. Cain- Senpai is standing nearby).

Anime Angel: (Crap they must have smelled the blood. It's too late to carry these girls inside. Dammit!)

Aidou: Do you have to be so rough, prefect. I just wanted to know where that juicy smell came from. It smells heavenly.

Fangirl 1: Screw the picture, this is way better since he said we smell... heavenly.

Fangirl 2: If I could move, I would glomp him right now!

Anime Angel: (Frankly I'm kind of glad they are ignorant to this situation and at the same time agitated because they don't know the real reason why Aidou- senpai said they smell good. What a pain. Now I know why Zero is in such a sour mood all the time).

Aidou: Come on Yuuki let me get a taste.

(Aidou then squeezes Yuuki's hand and Yukki lets go of Artemis. Yuuki's hand is covered in blood).

Yuuki: (How did my hand....? Oh no! I fell as I was going after Angel. A perfect time to be clumsy).

Aidou: (looking at Yuuki's hand) What a pretty color. It must taste good.

(All of a sudden Adiou shows his fangs and poked through Yuuki's skin a bit. Adiou sucked a little of Yuuki's blood while Yuuki struggled to get free).

Fangirl 1 and 2: Vampire!!! *faints*

Anime Angel: Adiou- senpai! ( I stand up and take out Athena, ready for anything). Please Senpai! Don't make me do this!

Cain: Adiou, it's time to...

(All of a sudden Zero comes in between Adiou and Yuuki holding the Bloody Rose to Adiou's head).

Zero: Didn't your parents tell you to obey rules Senpai. No drinking blood on school grounds.

(He looks over at me and I put Athena away).

Adiou: Well Zero it's too late. I already had a taste of Yuuki's blood.

(Then he licks some blood off of his cheek. Zero fires but I came in just in time to direct the blast to a nearby tree).

Anime Angel: Zero calm down. It's ok.

Kaname: She's right Zero. Can you please put that gun away. It's very dangerous.

(Then he looks at Adiou and picks him up by the collar).
Adiou: Kaname-sama...

Kaname: Save it. You will explain everything when we go to the chairman. Same goes for you Cain. You negleted to do anything. As for the two who passed out, their memories will be erased of this night and I will take them to the chairman.

Yuuki: (Bows) Thank you Kaname-Senpai.

Anime Angel: (Bows) Yes thank you.

Zero: .....

Kaname: You should all get some rest. Thank you for your hard work.

Back at the dorm in Anime Angel's room

Anime Angel: What a night. It was my first time doing this and I'm already drained. I need to get some rest. let me just close my eyes for just a couple of hours....

(Alarm goes off and I throw it across the room).

Anime Angel: No. friggin. way. Dammit!! I just finished closing my eyes and getting comfortable.

(Then there is a knock on the door).

Anime Angel: Who is it?

Yuuki: Its Yuuki. Can I come in?

Anime Angel: Sure.

(Yuuki comes in and closes the door).

Yuuki: The chairman wants to see us. I know it's early but he wants to talk with us.

Anime Angel: Thank God I'm still in uniform. (sitting up) Okay then, lets go.

The Chairman's Office

Chairman Cross: Now that I have everyone here, I want to congratulate you on a night well done. However it doesn't mean that you shouldn't get your rest. So you have the rest of the day off.

Yuuki and Anime Angel: Thank you so much!!!!

After the chairman talked to us he excused me but let Yuuki and Zero stay. I went back to my room and plopped on the bed. Before I went to sleep....

Anime Angel: (talking to myself) I wonder why the chairman wanted to speak to Yuuki and Zero. I just have this feeling that this is only the beginning of my adventure.

To Be Continued......

Stay tuned for the next chapter when more and more secrets are being held at Cross Academy. This should be good. "I'll also show you a sweet dream next night."