Transformers Cyberton Adventures Review

"One shall stand, the other shall fall." Can this apply to the Nintendo Wii's "Transformers Cyberton Adventures?" The answer depends on your expectations. If you are expecting the same game as "War For Cyberton" get ready to be disappointed.

Story - The story is very little in detail. The Autobots are trying to stop the Decepticons from unleashing a baddie name Trypticon. You are able to choose between the Autobots and Decepticons. Either than a few mission breifings there isn't really much characterization. You won't care for Optimus and the others, because there is no type of development.

Gameplay -
The game is a Rail Shooter. Which means you are limited to movement. You are not able to control your Transformer. Instead you are only able to shoot and drive in vehicle mode when allow too. Using the Wii Mote and Nunchuck you are able to aim. The B button is used to shoot. The A button is used to take cover. The Z button is used to zoom in and that's pretty much it. There really isn't much to it. Every Transformer is the same when it comes to weapons. You either use the Missiles, Sniper, Cannon, Blaster and Gatling Gun. The A.I. is not really difficult once you find out there weakness. As for boss fights it is rare as winning the lottery. The game is easy due to the regeneration feature. If you find yourself close to death, just press A and you will heal fast. The gameplay is pretty standard rare shooter, but a plus side is Air Raid levels are fun.

Gameplay Video

Graphics -
Graphics are average at best. Cybertron looks the same almost every corner. Only when you are going to destroy Decepticons locations do things seem different. There is a couple of bland issues, but no lag issues at all. Depending on what TV you use, the game could be really dark and make it hard to see.

Sound - The game really shines here. Peter Cullen delivers another great voice over for Optimus. Johnny Basch joins the team as Bumble Bee and brings a lighthearted humor to the character. The music is decent but nothing memorable.

Replay Value - Unless you want to unlock things like Challenge Modes, Concept Art there really isn't no replay value. There is no online and offline multiplayer.

Final Grade D+ - Transformers Cyberton Adventures is very repetitve no matter what faction you choose. You only use Optimus on the last level. There isn't many boss fights, the game is very easy. This game is a one trip deal. This game has fallen.