Pokepark Pikachu's Great Adventure Preview (Hands On)

Who would think that Pokemon would have so many issues. Issues not in terms of gameplay, but in terms of needing Pikachu's help. Today I took a look at Pokepark Pikachu's Great Adventures for the Wii. The game opens up with Mew telling Pikachu of a problem that is going on. Pikachu sets out to solve the problem and finds the Pokepark. You then are taking to a tutorial which shows you the basic controls.

The gameplay is pretty simple and basic from what I played so far. You hold the Wii Mote sideways. You utilize the D-Pad to move Pikachu. The B button is used to control the camera. I found the camera control to be a little clunky. For example when you jump from platform to platform, sometimes the camera won't go fully in the direction you wanted. The 1 button is used to dash. The 2 button is used to jump. The A button is used for the lighting attack. As the game progresses you will upgrade to new attacks such as Iron Tail. In the game you will be able to make friends, to help you with tougher opponents. This is a great feature and brings a strategy element to the game. There is mini games as well such as Tag, Hide and Seek, Pokemon Quizzes and Racing. The graphics is a great and I had no framerate issues. All the Pokemon so far that we seen played well. The music is colorful and goes well with the feel of Pokemon. We will have a full review when it's released in the holiday season 2010.

Pokepark Pikachu's Great Adventure Trailer