Visitor Q Review

Once in a while I come across a film that leaves me completely stunned. It's a rare thing when this happens to me. However Takashi Miike has done just that with his disturbing film "Visitor Q." Just a warning this review contains spoilers on certain scenes.

Story - "Have you ever done it with your Dad?" is the first text you see in Visitor Q. When I saw that, I thought what the hell did I get myself into. The movie then proceeds to show Miki a young prostitute, who is trying to get her father to sleep with her. The father agrees and films the act for his documentary on Japanese youth. Then the movie gets crazy from there. Let me sum it spoiler free here. The father is filming a documentary on Japanese youth. The daughter is a prostitute. The son is getting bullied and is abusive to his mother. Boy believe when I tell you, he beats the hell out of her. The mother is a drug addict, who likes getting abused and likes to get milked from her boobs. Does this sound crazy enough? What if I told you the father gets a hard on from watching his son get bullied, and then he bangs a dead body. But why is this called "Visitor Q?" well because some dude with no name,comes freeloading and in his own way gets the family back to whatever is normal for them. There is more but I want you to be shock when you watch it.

Visitor Q Trailer

Acting - Here is the cast below.

Kenichi Endo as Kiyoshi Yamazaki, the father
Shungicu Uchida as Keiko Yamazaki, the mother
Fujiko as Miki Yamazaki, the daughter
Jun Mutō as Takuya Yamazaki, the son
Kazushi Watanabe as The Visitor

The acting is very good. Trust me you will be disturb by the performances. Especially Kenichi Endo as Kiyoshi Yamazaki who is the father. His performance is very disturbing. That guy's performance made me say whoa especially the dead body scene. Every actor really shows their skills and in a movie like this you have too. It plays with your mind and not for the weak at heart.

Final Grade B+ - Visitor Q gets a B+ this movie is disturbing, weird and disgusting. I need to get my head checked out for liking this film. Leave your mind at the door and you will enjoy it. Or you will be totally disturbed.