Videogame Cartoons

I was feeling very nostalgic tonight. I decided to watch some cartoons from my childhood on Youtube. These cartoons focus on the videogame genre. Here are some cartoons that were based on Videogames.

Justin - Sonic SatAM was my favorite show out of all the videogame cartoons. Voiced by Jaleel White (Steve Urkel) he captured Sonic's attitude, style and love for chili dogs. This show originally aired on ABC and yes I will be buying the DVD set soon.

Sonic The Hedgehog SatAM

Justin - Super Mario World is probably the best out of all the Mario cartoons. Based on the SNES game Super Mario World, it brought our favorite Dinosaur Yoshi to life. I love the fact they included actually music from the game into the show.

Super Mario World

Justin - This is why Zelda should never be made into a motion picture, unless the gamers are directing it. There is so many things wrong with this cartoon I won't begin.

The Legend Of Zelda

Justin - Mortal Kombat I used to watched this on USA. This was actually pretty good. It stuck true to the style of Mortal Kombat, except there wasn't no gore. Hey it was a kids show.

Mortal Kombat

Justin -
What can I say it's Jim and his cartoon was the bomb.
Earthworm Jim

Justin - This is probably the best of all time. Mega Man cartoon was pure badass. It had an anime feel to it. It used a lot of his villians and we even saw Mega Man X.

Mega Man