Sins & Punishment 2: Star Successor Review

The original Sins and Punishment was released almost ten years ago. It was held as a cult classic, and one of the most entertaining games of it's time. 10 years later Sins and Punishment returns with a sequel. Does the sequel hold up to the original? Or should we be forgiven for our sins for buying this game?

Story - The story follows Isa Jou and a girl name Kachi. These two kids are on the run from the Nebulox. The Nebulox are a group of enhanced human beings, that need Kachi for some reason. Isa Jou and Kachi ship crashes on the way to their destination. From there the story doesn't get in depth into the ending. The story is the most weak part of the game.

Gameplay - Sins & Punishment 2 falls into the category of Rail Shooter. You have four different control options to play with. The Wii Mote with the Nunchuk, Gamecube Controller, Classic Wii Controller or the Wii Zapper. I used the Wii Mote. I found it to be more easier and more fun. You aim with the Wii Mote and shoot with the B button. By taping the B button you also can perform a Melee attack with your sword. This a great use for Boss battles and objects that come flying in your direction. The flying objects you will be able to deflect back to the enemies. The Z button is to evade or roll. Trust me you are going to be best friends with your Z button when playing this. The A button is used to charge your gun. When the gun is fully charge it will release a huge bomb shot. This comes in handy when you are being overwhelmed with enemies.

The levels are absolutely amazing and fun to play. Set piece after set piece will leave you on your Wii for hours. The levels are challenging and you will die a couple of times, if you are just shooting. This a rail shooter that brings you loads of enemies at once. Gamers stay on your toes. If you have an extra Wii Mote then have a friend join you in the fun. The game also includes a online leaderboard. I like that edition because this game as a nice arcade feel to it. The boss battles are pure epic. It takes a great deal of strategy to defeat them. First you will have to find out their weakness. Then you will have to figure out what weapon is more effective to kill them. I found out that the charge shot with A button does a lot of damage. However the boss fights are not a walk in the park, evade will be your best friend.  The gameplay is solid and the controls work wonderful for this rail shooter.

Gameplay Video

Graphics - The graphics is one of the best on the Wii period. I'm really shocked that with so much going on in the game at once, that I didn't experience any framerate issues. Everything is pure detail from the environment and the backgrounds. The bosses look amazing. My favorite level graphic wise is the underwater level.

Sound - The sound is pretty basic. The voice acting is a hit or miss depending on the characters. The music is not really memorable but it does the mood of intensity.

Replay Value - This game you will want to play over and over. With different levels, leaderboards and great co-op. You will be returning to Isa and Kachi for a while.

Final Grade A- Sins & Punishment 2: Star Successor gets an A-. This is a must own Wii game. Great gameplay, great graphics and a wonderful fun ride. The only shortcomings were the story and some of the voice acting. To not buy this game will be a Sin that you will need to seek forgiveness for to the gaming Gods.