Ouran High School Host Club Fanfic

You all waited for my Ouran Fanfic and here it is. If you guys have any other anime I can write about, let me know. I'll see what I can do. Sorry to keep you waiting. I've been busy with life. lol. Hope you enjoy it! Anime Rules!!!!!!!!!
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Ouran Academy

Anime Angel: I heard that my good friend Haruhi Fujioka got into the most fabulous (and expensive) school in all of Japan: Ouran Academy. I wonder what she'd say when I tell her that I'm enrolling in Ouran as well (giggle).

(Intro- Sakura Kiss. Narrate Title)

A Girl New to the Club

Anime Angel: Let's see... It says here that Haruhi is in the music room.

(Walking down the hallways and going up the stairs. Finally reaches destination)

Anime Angel: Oh here it is. Well the moment of truth....

(opens door and rose petals fly through the door. Then the entire club is standing right inside).

Ouran Host Club: Welcome!

Anime Angel: What the... O.o (Did I just pick the wrong room or I'm I dreaming that dreamy boys are welcoming me inside).

Anime Angel: I'm sorry> I must have gotten the wrong room. I;m looking for Haruhi Fujioka. Although I don't think she is here so I'll...

Tamaki: (glides over and holds Anime Angel in his arms. Looks at her romantically)
So my dear you want to see Haruhi right?

Anime Angel: (Totally taken back) Well... I (Why the hell I'm I so nervous? Its just a regular cute boy that happened to be holding me like a princess. No problem. Nothing I haven't experienced before...hehehe... Oh who am I kidding I'm soo screwed).

Hikaru and Kaoru: Boss I think you popped her personal bubble.

Anime Angel: I just wanted to um...

Tamaki: Its Tamaki my princess.

Anime Angel: (Oh boy never mind what I was thinking before. Does he do this to every girl he sees?).

Haruhi: Come on Tamaki-senpai. Leave this girl alone. (To me) Are you okay?

Anime Angel: Yes thank you.

Tamaki: What did I do that was so wrong Haruhi?

Anime Angel: (What, is that really Haruhi? I would never have guessed).

Haruhi: Let's see what you did wrong. You terrified this poor girl by invading her personal space. Some girls don't like to be that close to a guy until that guy buys dinner and a movie first!

Tamaki: (starts to whimper) B-but... Mommy! (turns to Kyoya). Mommy Haruhi yelled at me!

Kyoya: Well it's true. Sometime syou can go over board with your constant flirting.

Honey: Tama-chan does do things overboard. Please forgive him.

Mori: Hmmm.

Tamaki: (sulks in corner).

Anime Angel: I didn't mean to upset him or anything. I was looking for a long time friend Haruhi Fujioka.

Haruhi: (Points to self) You mean me?

Anime Angel: Yes. I'm Angel your best friend since Pre-K.

Haruhi: Oh my God! It is you. It's been a while. You've changed a bit since I last saw you.

Anime Angel: And you've changed ALOT since I last saw you. If don't mind me asking, why are you dressed as a boy?

Haruhi: It's a long story. Come and sit. I'll explain everything.

(An hour later. Tamaki still sulking in the corner).

Anime Angel: So you you've become a host just to pay the club back from the vase you broke.

Hikaru and Kaoru: Yep thats right and she has been our "toy" ever since.

Haruhi: (punches the twins) I'll pretend I didn't hear that (Damn rich people).

Anime Angel: Well I'm glad you made good friends here. I was wondering, if it isn't any trouble, can I be a host to?

Ouran Club: What?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?

(Hears mechanical laughter. Then feels something rotating out of the ground).

Hikaru: Oh damn she's here!

Anime Angel: What is going on?

Kaoru: Here comes the Attack of Renge: Otaku Queen! (and manager)

Renge: (Cosplaying as Keiko from Yu Yu Hakusho) So you want to become a host huh? WEll then I guess it's time for your training to begin! I won't go easy on you!

Anime Angel: Alright I'm ready.

3 hours later

Renge: Presenting Angel, our new Hostess.

(Comes out of the changing room wearing the girls uniform)

Anime Angel: After all of the excitement I forgot to mention but I'm enrolling here too.

Honey: Wow Angel-kun, you are so cute.

Tamaki: Well this can't be helped but Angel, WELCOME TO THE HOST CLUB!

Anime Angel: (giggle)
(Next Episode)
Well it's my first day being a host and so far everything is well and I get to have my first costumer. However this particular costumer won't leave me alone. What should I do?

On the next Ouran "Why are you so Obsessed with Me?" The Hostess with the Mostest.

Tamaki: The Ouran Host Club will be waiting for you.

Everyone: We'll see you then! ^0^