Otakus & Geeks Origins (Justin's How I Became A Gamer)

On the first part of the origin story. I explained how I became and Otaku and why I love anime. In part 2 I will explain how I became a gamer. Enjoy.

How did you become a gamer geek?

It's pretty interesting that I'm a gamer. My family really isn't true fans of technolgy. Actually till this day some of my family members still aren't cool with technology. When computers were getting big, my family was still using the typewriter. I still remember some of my homeworks I was typing up on a typewriter. My family would just say "We don't need a computer boy the typewriter is just as good." Anyway it wasn't until my brother requested the NES for Christmas, that my family became more tech friendly. My father and brother would play the NES all the time. I started gaming at the age of four, and yes I did more than press buttons. My first games were, Super Mario Bros, Duckhunt and Wrestlemania. In Super Mario I would used Ligi since he was the youngest. My brother would play with Mario. Duckhunt I was too young to be good at it. However I was a master at Wrestlemania. I would use Hulk Hogan the most. I really have to thank my Dad for making me a wrestling fiend in my younger days. However that is another story.

My gamer geek didn't really kick in until I got Sega Genesis for Christmas. I remember Sega Genesis came with Sonic The Hedgehog (which is still my favorite Sonic game). I also so had Batman for Sega as well. I would game nonstop at least 9 hours a day, until my mother put a stop to that. My mother was strict when it came to education, so I wasn't allow to play Sega until the weekends. I really have to thank my mother for that, because if I was allow to play games everyday I would be the worst gamer ever. I mean in regards to attitude, plus it showed me that you have utilize your time wisely. It thought me that you can't get wrapped up in entertainment, so thanks Mom. Till this day I only play games on the weekends. If I do play games on the weekdays, it's only about for an hout. However when I game on the weekends, it's usually an all day thing.

How did people treat you as a gamer geek?

My gamer geek was embraced more than my Otaku side. All the guys played videogames at school. It's funny everyone had a different system. I had Sega, my friend had SNES and my other friend had Gameboy. We would go to each other's houses and play them all.

Are you more of a gamer geek now, than you were as a child?
I was more of a gamer in my teenage years than my adult years. I still play games, but don't have much time as I would like too. I'am an old school gamer. I still find myself playing Genesis, Playstation and Dreamcast.