Mobile Suit Gundam: MS Sensen 0079 (Wii Import Review)

At last I have return back to my true gamer form. I' am happy to say that I have returned back to playing Japanese imports. This is the first import I have brought in ten years since Dragonball GT. I was originally looking for Fatal Frame 4 which is only a Japan release. However I couldn't find it, so I brought Mobile Suit Gundam: MS Sensen 0079. I'm a huge Anime Mech fan and I love Gundam so I knew I would enjoy it. However Gundam games have a history of sucking. Is this the case for this game?

Story - The story follows the events of the year U.C. 0079. That is the first Gundam, Gundam 0079 and the 08th MS team. You won't play the game as the main characters. However you play as new recruits for either the Earth Federation Forces or Zeon Forces. Since I don't understand Japanese I can't give you the full core of the story. However the cut scenes are just mission briefings.

Gameplay - This game is a First Person Mech Simulation. It plays similar to many FPS on the Wii. You will control the mobile suits with both Wii Mote and the Nunchuck's. The Wii Mote is used to aim and shoot. Aim with the Wii Mote and press B to shoot. The A button brings out your Gundam beam weaponry sword. When you use this swing your Wii Mote up, down, left or right. If the Zeon scum also have their sword and attack at the same time, you will engage in a tug of war. Simply shake the Wii Mote as fast you can to win. The Z button is used to jump or speed up with your thrusters. The C button is used to lock on to your enemies. The d-pad is used to zoom into your enemies. Finally the 1 button is used to command your squad in nine different formations.

The missions can get very repetitive, however it is very fun. The missions usually involved you doing a few things, protecting convoy, other pilots or destroying Zeon fighters or locations. This doesn't mean that the game is easy. Actually the levels can get very challenging. This is why it's important to know the formation and where to send your team. There is also a cool underwater level in this game. The A.I. ranges from smart to dumb. Some Zeon pilots just stand there and let you shoot them. Then on the other hand the A.I. plans and execute very well, to give you a mission failed. In addition to the story mode, there is an ace pilot mode where you play as the Gundam characters such as Amuro and Shiro. Finally this wouldn't be a mech game without customization. You are able to customize your Gundam from colors, weapons and even change mobile suits. However you must earn enough points in the missions to buy. I suggest you get a B or higher like I did.

Gameplay Video

Graphics - The graphics are pretty impressive. The Gundams and Zeons look wonderful. It makes me wonder if Japan keeps all the good games to themselves. There is a few texture issues on some levels, however it's nothing that would ruin your experience. I had no framerate problems. I only wish that the map was a little bigger on some levels.

Sound - The sound is straight from the Anime. From the engine's and some of the voice actors. The music has a great Gundam feel and really makes you feel like you are apart of the anime. Put this game on surround sound and your neighbors will be calling the cops.

Replay Value - This is a fun game to play. The additions of Ace Pilot Mode and the ability to play with the Zeon Forces will keep you going.

Final Grade B+ - The Final Grade is a B+. This actually a fun Gundam game. Good controls, great modes and great sound. However I wish the maps were bigger and some missions are repetitive. Is it worth the high price import? I brought it for 50 bucks if you can find it cheaper than suit up.