Justin's AMV'S

Justin here bringing you a collection of all the AMV's I have done so far. It's in order from my very first to my latest one. My AMV's mostly focus on romance and drama. I feel that the human emotions are more harder to capture in AMV's. Choosing the right song for that emotion is always the challenge. Make sure you vote on the poll of which one you like best.

1. Boys Be... (Close To You) - This was my first ever AMV. This is when I fully became an Otaku. You can't be an Otaku without doing at least one AMV. I used the song "Close To You" by Utada Hikaru. I used the anime Boys Be... to capture emotion of longing for someones love.

2. First Kiss (My Angel) - This was my second amv. I used the song "Shooting Stars" by Kelis featuring Pharell. I wanted to show people that, you don't just have to use Rock and J-pop for AMV'S. The anime used is called "First Kiss Ova."

3. Perfect Blue (The Darkness)
- I had a lot of fun with my 3rd AMV. Perfect Blue is very hard anime to pull off in the AMV world. The song I used is "O.R.T" By Mary Elizabeth McGlynn. It's from the Silent Hill Origins soundtrack. I think I capture that psychological, fear emotion.

4. Grave Of Fireflies (Memories) - I knew I wanted to do a Grave Of Fireflies AMV. However I didn't know what song would capture, the emotion, the pain and horror of the film. Then I went into my music archives and remember Alicia Keys song "The Life." This in my personal opinion is the best one and my favorite one.

5. Voices Of The Distant Star (The Message) - My latest AMV using the anime "Voices Of The Distant Star." The song used is "1000 Words Orchestrated" By Sweetbox, its from the Final Fantasy X-2 Soundtrack. I wanted to capture the emotion of being far from someone you love. Check it out.

Vote on our poll of which AMV you like best. My next AMv will be "Cowboy Bebop."