Geeky Cakes

As my profile says Cake Or Death? I love cakes especially if it's geeky. I went on the net and did a Google search of some geeky cakes. Here are some cakes I found. Of course I will start off with Ouran High School Host Club. I love this cake it's looks delicious. All the main characters are on the cake.

A Full Metal Alchemist cake with Ed shirtless. Either way this looks like a cake Otaku girls must take a bite out of. I love the icing on the cake.

May the force be with you. This is a very cool Star Wars cake. The Chewbecca cake and Stormtropper is well done. Chewbecca is a nice chocolate cake and Stormtrooper a good vanilla.

This is for all my zombie lovers out there. This is one beautiful zombie cake. It even has the brains in it's hand. A very cool cake for the zombie in all of us.

Justin would love to have this when he turns 25. A Nintendo Wii cake. I must say this looks very yummy. Don't you love how accurate it looks.

This is a really good cake for 360 fans. It even comes with an achievement lol.

Naurto fans rejoice you can now eat his hair. They really captured the top of Naruto's head very well. All this talk about cake is making me hungry.

It wouldn't be cake without Soul Eater :). All of the main characters that I love are on this cake. Doesn't this look yummy too you. Anime Rules!!!!!!