Allumage (Manga Review)

Synopsis - Kumiko left Japan for LA in hopes of becoming a famous actress, but so far has only managed to get jobs as a stuntwoman. Now that her brother is getting married, she's coming back to Japan to visit, but once she arrives, something goes terribly wrong...

Review - What goes terribly wrong for Kumiko is that she finds herself, in a life or death situation. Of course this is spoiler free so I won't go into detail. Allumage is a very fun Manga to read. Kumiko is a woman whom I would call unlucky. She can't get a acting job, she's returning home not having a real role yet. When her last stunt role wraps up, Kumiko gets a call from her agent. The agent states that he has a role for in a movie, because the actress can't do it. Kumiko decides to take the role, however she has to return back to Japan for her brother's wedding. The agent tells her she cannot damage or scar her body in anyway for it will ruin the part of the character. Kumiko returns home and gets place in situation where she faces life or death. I won't go into detail but she will have to choose between career or death.

The story is fun read, but I wish they explore Kumiko love for her brother a little bit more. It's a short read with only 50 pages, Kumiko story is a short ride. Allumage gets a B-.

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