YGOAS Leather Pants, Leather Shoes and Yugi VS Jaden Battle

On the YGOAS video on the site, LittleKuribo did a parody with Yugioh and Lady GaGa called leather pants. The one thats on
the site was the incomplete version at an anime con. Even though it was incomplete, it was epic.
Its frickin awesome and makes me laugh every time. There is also a vid called Yugi VS Jaden Battle.
Yet again pure genius. LittleKuriboh if you happen to read this, you are awesome. Keep
doing what you do. Your vids can't be beat. Anyway enjoy the hilarity. Anime Rules!!!!!!!

P.S Leather Shoes goes after Leather Pants and is a tribute to LittleKuriboh. Again its Lady GaGa using the song Telephone. LMAO! It's awesome. Just listen to the lyrics.