Vampire Knight Fanfic

I just heard that Vampire Knight is going to be dubbed so I decided to make a fanfic of this exciting news. I love Vampire Knight and I know people out there who love this great show will be happy that it’s finally going to be dubbed. So enjoy my fanfic. This is my first one so be kind with comments. Anime Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1st day at Cross Academy

Anime Angel: What a nice school. I hope this is better then my old one. Huh, what’s with that crowd over at that gate?

Yuki: Ok people it’s time to call it a day! All people from the Day Class must return to their dorms!

Anime Angel: It’s strange how they are the Day Class and their wearing black. It’s an oxymoron in itself. (Well I did read the student handbook on uniforms). Anyway I need to find someone who will help figure out what to do with myself.
Maybe I should wait until after the crowd disappears.

Yuki: Come one guys I’m not joking!

Girl Student: If I didn’t see it with my own eyes. Are you trying to keep these beautiful boys for yourself Yuki-san?!? I thought you had more self control then that.

Yuki: Wha? I’m a prefect. I protect the Night Class from danger including pushy fangirls who need a life than standing outside this gate to wait for a boy to leap into their arms!

Girl Student: What did you say?!?

Boy Student: Cat Fight!

Zero: And so it begins.

Yuki: Ah Zero you can give me a hand over here?

(The gates opened and cue *your choice of a dramatic score here. *)

Yuki: Darn it. So close.

Kaname: Hello Yuki. Do you need help?

Anime Angel: Wow. Look at those students. They’re so beautiful.

All Girl Students: KAWAII!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zero: Ok you rubberneckers get back to your dorms NOW!

All Girl Students: Fine!

Kaname: Yuki will you be ok?

Yuki: Kaname-senpai…I’ll be ok. Nothing too serious. Thanks for your consideration.

Kaname: Hmm. You know you don’t have to be so formal with me.

*Cuts in between them*

Zero: I think its time for you to head to class.

Kaname: Of course. Have a nice day, Yuki. Zero. Oh and by the way, looks like you have a guest.

Anime Angel: (I’m guessing the guest would be me).

Kaname: Hello there. My name is Kaname. I’m head of the Night Class.

Anime Angel: It’s nice to meet you. My name is Angel. I just transferred here from my old school. It’s very nice to meet you.

Kaname: I hope you feel right at home here. Excuse me.

Anime Angel: Thank you and have a good night.

Yuki: Oh so you must be the new student. Please come with me so you can meet the chairman.

Anime Angel: Thank you.

Later that night…

Chairman Cross: Oh! Welcome Angel-kun. I see you met the Night class.

Anime Angel: Yes. Surprisingly they are very well mannered.

Yuki: Well you don’t have to worry about this school. Trust me we don’t bite.

Zero: Except for the Night Class….

*Yuki elbows into Zero stomach*

Zero: Ow! What was that for?
Chairman (while Zero and Yuki are fighting in the background): So you know our dirty little secret huh?

(Yuki and Zero stops arguing and look at me).

Anime Angel: I knew who they really were when I first saw them coming out of the gate. They have a certain aura about them especially Kaname.

Chairman: So what they say about you is true. You DO have awesome abilities that a normal human doesn’t have.

Anime Angel: That’s right and I will show you my true power when the times comes. Right now I’m just a normal girl.

Chairman: Of course. Yuki, Zero please show Angel to her room.

Yuki: Yes sir.

Zero: ….

Chairman: Oh and Angel….

Anime Angel: Yes sir?

Chairman: I’m hope that you’ll get along with the Night Class and Zero. You will be a wonderful student here at the Academy. Now go and get some rest. You have a big day tomorrow.

Anime Angel: Yes sir!

(Leaves the room).

Chairman: Yes a wonderful student indeed…

To Be Continued.