Star Wars Fans Do Epic Wins Or Fails?

Once in a while I come across some videos on Youtube. These videos are usually fandubs and some are funny. But other just make me go why did you touch that. In this case here are certain videos, that made me go huh. Many of them made me giggle and laugh a little bit. Then some made me say man I wish I can kill you with a lightsaber. Check them out!

Lando The Nazi In this clip a Star Wars fan uses clips from other movies to make Han Solo, accussed Lando of being a Nazi. I did laugh at this one.

Qui Gon Jinn and Mace Windu in Return Of the Jedi - At the end of the clip Qui Gon and Mace return to look at Luke. Ummm Luke doesn't know these guys why would even try this. I'm not going to lie. I would put myself in this when I learn how to do.

Vader Makes Fun of Luke Just watch this scene. I laugh after the first time. Then it got annoying and pointless the second time.

Yoda Gay - Total Epic Fail.

The Real Mace Windu - Just pointless, just pointless. Even though I was dying to hear Mace say to Anakin, "Sit down Motherfucka."

Superman Saves Luke - Yes! Superman!