Rocket Knight Review

Once again a classic game from the 16 bit world, is getting a whole new look on the PSN and Xbox Live. This time it's Rocket Knight and it's price is $14.99. Is the price worth the jet fuel?

Story - In Rocket Knight we follow Sparkster. He is the defender of the land of Zephyrus from ruthless animals. This time the invaders are the wolves, but however you still must face the lizard and the pigs from the previous game. Sparkster was farming and then boom the enemies come. Sparkster goes into his house and Up, Up & Away he goes.

Gameplay -
The game is a 2.5D platformer. Rocket Knight has a variety of moves in his arsenal. Using his jet pack he is able to glide, double jump and give himself a boost. His weapons are a sword and gun. With his sword you are able to slash, spin move and using your jet back charge with your sword. Rocket Knight has a gun but I didn't find myself using it. That's because the core of the gameplay is focused on Sparkster's JetPack. This isn't a bad thing at all, in fact based on the level designs you'll need it.

The game comes with 2 modes an Arcade Mode and Freeplay Mode. Arcade mode you will play the story in sequential order. There is also various difficulty as Normal and Hard Mode. In Hard Mode when it comes to boss fights it adds a strategy element. Players will have to discover the pattern and weakness of the boss, and defeat it. This can be a little annoying but it brings a refreshing element to the game. The boss battle ranges from easy to hard. I found the Forest Shredder to be a little annoying, but once you find out his pattern it was easy. Free Play mode you are able to play any chapters you want.

Gameplay Video

Graphics -
The graphics is beautiful. The colors and backgrounds are a really nice update from the original game. I didn't find any frame rate issues with game. It has a nice cartoon feel to the game and which I expect from a game like Rocket Knight.

Sound - I LOVE the music in Rocket Knight. It feels like I'm playing an RPG, but it's not. There is no language voiceover work in this game. Instead we get a language of the animals and that brought realism to the setting.

Replay Value - Unless you want to collect the extra skins and get all the trophies/achievements, or be number one on the leaderboards. There is little replay value here.

Final Grade - Rocket Knight gets a B- great gameplay, graphics, sound, but little to offer as of terms of replay value. Plus $15 bucks for a 2 to 3 hour game is a litle overpriced.