R.I.P. NBA Live (Now NBA Elite)

NBA live is dead. EA Sports new nba franchise is NBA ELITE *link below*

In 2010 its cool to hate NBA live but believe it or not Live brought NBA games to the main stream. Before Live the main basketball game was NBA showdown(see Justins amazing video on it for gameplay) before NBA showdown we had series like "Lakers vs Celtics" & "Bulls vs Blazers." Dont get me wrong I love those games but they had a cult following. With EA introducing Live, the entire world became basketball fans.
EA started with a great commercial showing Tim Hardaway playing NBA Live, then Don Nelson grabbed it from him because he was ignoring the real game lol. NBA Live is the reason why im a gamer. I remember we played that game so much we use 2 turn off the calls, then play NBA Live street ball which became another game....CLASSIC.

Through out the genesis life cycle, NBA Live got better in every way every year. I remember playing LIVE 97 and thinking basketball games couldnt get any better than this... and to be honest I still think LIVE 97 is the best of its time. It did so much for Basketball Games(thats another post).

Once Live made the step to Playstation and Sega Saturn the problems started. Games like "In The Zone" started to rival the once king of the court. Shortly after 2K came out, Visual Concepts was right off the heels of making NBA Action 98 for the Saturn and learned alot from that project.

NBA 2k released on the dreamcast Fall 99....thats when NBA live died.

Years later, Live made several failed attempts to come back to the top. One of which was by adding Jordan(which was ruined when he came out of retirement to play for the wizards). One of LIVE'S most successful additions came in Live 03 when they added right stick dribble mechanics, then in Live 04 they added real life sneakers (LIVE 04has the best sneakers EVER!!!!!). Also the very next year EA made a dunk contest that was actually good(still the best dunk contest ever). All 3 moves that 2k eventually copied.

Thank you NBA LIVE for all the sweet memories & for taking basketball sims to a new level.