Iron Man 2 Review

You the know the saying "A hero is only as good as his villian and obstacles." That's how I feel about Iron Man 2. Iron Man 2 was released last friday. It's the sequel to the 2008 blockbuster hit "Iron Man." Here is the cast below.

Robert Downey Jr: Tony Stark/Iron Man
Gwyneth Paltrow: Pepper Potts
Don Cheadle: James "Rhodey" Rhodes
Mickey Rourke: Ivan Vanko/Whiplash
Sam Rockwell: Justin Hammer
Samuel L. Jackson: Nick Fury
Scarlett Johansson: Natalie/Black Widow

Story - The story in Iron Man 2 is all over the place. It's like a game of 52 pick up. I'll try to make it short, simple and spoiler free. Tony Stark has brought world peace and is enjoying his new found celebrity. The government wants Stark to hand over the Iron Man suit. Tony is also slowly dying which he is trying to keep it a secret from his friends. Then for someone reason he enters a grand prix race. Why would someone with dying enter a grand prix race? Shouldn't that effect his condition in someway? Anyway enters Whiplash a Russian dude (Mickey Rourke)who wants to destroy Tony Stark for Tony's father decisions. Not to mention Stark business Rival Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell) is after Tony's Iron Man Suit design. Wait there is more stories going on. Nick Fury (Sam Jackson) sends Black Widow (Scarlett Joahnsson lucky Ryan Reynolds) to secretly asset Tony Stark to see if his capable of joining the Avengers. Wait there is more, let's not forget about Tony best friend James Rhodes (Don Cheadle). James has darken his skin color and never explain why (joking). Well Rhodes wants the suit for the government and ends up becoming War Machine.

A lot happening in a two hour movie. The problem I have with the story is that it's not executed well. A lot of characters are not developed. Whiplash and Justin Hammer are not a real threat to Iron Man. They have a reason of why they want Tony Stark gone. However it's not really fully explored like in other movies like The Dark Knight, Spiderman 2 and even Iron Man. The villains were boring and watching Justin Hammer whine like a 16 year old girl was annoying. I felt the main focus should have been Tony's heart condition and drinking problem. They were originally going to make the movie dark, but director decided to re shoot some scenes and make it fun. I really wish they went the dark route. A major problem I had watching this was that it was an Avengers advertisement. Do NOT advertise a movie within another movie. A smart writer can set up another movie without showing off the goods. We didn't really need to see someones weapon appearing. The story suffers from too much going on at once.

Acting There is nothing wrong with the acting in this movie. RDJ is wonderful as usual. I did find Sam Rockwelll annoying, but he played it very well. Mickey Rourke was good accent wise, but he look like he was bored and the role was not challenging. It must of been the under developed script for his character. Don Cheadle as War Machine and James Rhodes, I felt he did a good job but I miss Terrance Howard, only because I hate when they change people for roles. I think Cheadle did a great job taking over the reigns. Scarlett was missing the accent. Gwen was great as usual. Sam Jackson as Nick Fury I'm still not convinced. It just seems Sam is being Sam with a patch over his eye.

Pros - Great CGI and Camera shots, Great Acting, Nice Musicial Score. First 40 min's was wonderful.

Cons - Movie drags after the first 40 mins. Tony's problems are not deeply explored. All the action scenes are in the trailer. Story is all over the place. Under developed and boring Villains. Too much advertisement for the Avengers movie. Birthday scene should have been cut.

Final Grade: C+ Average at best too me! However go see it for yourselves and tell me what you think.