Favorite Songs From Japan (Anime Angel's List)

To celebrate the Sakura Festival that is happening in New York, I'm going to list my fav songs from anime, j-pop, videogames and j-rock. I hope you all enjoy. Anime Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tsubasa Chronicle- Loop

Tsubasa Chronicle- You Are My Love

XXXHolic- Reason

XXXHolic- Nineteen

Black Cat- Daiya no Hana

Soul Eater- Papermoon

Soul Eater- Bakusou Yumeuta

Persona 3- Burn My Dread

Persona 3- Heartful Cry

Persona 3 FES- Opening

Persona 4 OST - Reach Out To The Truth -First Battle

Fruits Basket-Serenade

Utada Hikaru- Final Distance Remix

Bleach- Life is Like a Boat

Bleach- Happy People

Aqua Timez- Alones


Utada Hikaru-Come Back To Me

Vampire Knight- Still Doll

Vocaloid- Fear Garden

Vocaloid-Twilight Circus

Vocaloid- White Doves

Heartsdales feat SOUL'd OUT-Candy Pop

Soul Eater- Style