DLC Pros and Cons

Intro - Bess and I discussed DLC on our Skype discussion a while back. However I wanted to go more deeper into the topic. Before I begin let me just say that I support DLC and have no problems with it. However there are a few things that I see foreshadowing in the future. I hope it's just my fear talking but I'll let you decide for yourself. Let me bring up Non Gamers, Geeks and Otakus up to speed. DLC stands for Downloadable Content. We gamers are able to download new features to our games that we have already purchased. These features could be anything such as a new level, new map, new clothes etc. It's really a great way to keep the re playability level up. Ok now that is out of the way let's talk about some pros of DLC.

Pros Of DLC - As I just stated. DLC brings us new levels, new modes and sometimes even a whole new game. I really love the add-on edition if it's fair and make sense. A really huge thing DLC does that I love is they sometimes, fix glitches found in your games. NBA 2K10 when first released had a lot of glitches just ask Bess. 2K Sports then released a patch to fix those glitches. Gears of War 2 multi-player had a huge glitch in which Epic supposedly fix. There are even some DLC that allows you to have the soundtrack of the games, which I think is pretty good. You see there is plenty good stuff about DLC *CLAPS* WOOO HOO! DLC, DLC, DLC!

Cons Of DLC - Save your applause this a rant after all. DLC cost MONEY! To be fair some DLC such as whole new level, game mode, or story addition I feel you should pay for. However things like a map and costumes should be downloaded for free. I can hear people already saying this "Justin your ranting about paying for maps and costumes, it's only .99 cents." 99 cents adds up eventually. Say you have to buy 15 costumes for Super Street Fighter IV, that will add up to around 15 bucks. 15 bucks on costumes is ridiculous. What happen to the days where you have to meet a certain criteria to unlock things? I'm sorry I will never buy a costume for a game. Especially when I know the developer could of just entered a few codes and boom more costume options. Another thing I saw that was wrong, Sonic The Hedgehog had a DLC for difficulty setting. That is wrong in so many ways. Why are you going to pay to play the Very Hard setting? I don't care if it cost $2.50 that is Metrocard fare in New York. In the old days if you wanted to play a harder level, you had to beat the game on hard. Beating the game on hard would unlock the harder level. There is good DLC that is worth the money. However a lot of the DLC should and could of been on the disc that we brought. I already the brought the game but you want me to pay more money to keep playing. Let's go to my concerns.

Concerns - My biggest concern is that we gamers will have to pay to play soon. I feel that developers are going to be withholding content on purpose, that way we have to download the DLC. Crazy imagination I know but I just feel that is on the way. It's like I said on the Skype discussion. Imagine you buy a music CD with 15 tracks and you can't hear the last 5 songs. You will have to enter a key to unlock those songs. Sounds crazy right? Well imagine buying a game and a mode is locked and you have to unlock it buy $. I'm looking at you Resident Evil 5 multi-player mode. That is wrong. Why buy a game and you still have to pay for more stuff? Just give us everything at once. What is really scary is that they are announcing DLC's before the game comes out. Why announced it? Put it on the disk I say. What do are you thoughts on DLC? Do you think it's heading to a monopoly direction? Or we should pay to play?