Black Butler Review

Here is the review for Black Butler. Sorry it took so long. I get distracted by other things lately. (No spoilers. Sorry!)


The Phantomhive Family has been in the business of making toys for children for a long time. Their business of toy making is famous in England but something happened. In a unforeseen course of events, the family has passed away in a house fire. Now the only living heir to the Phantomhive business is a 12 year old boy named Ciel. He also has an unforeseen expereince that got him Sebastian Michaels who is as he put it ... "one hell of a butler."


In my opinion the characters are very unique. Ceil may be young, but he knows how to do business well. He is arrogant but he's been through so much that he hides his true feelings. I still love Ciel as a character and the way he approaches situations. Although my number one favorite character has to be Sebastian. Sebastian knows how to keep everything organized and is extremely sexy ^o^ lol. He knows how to do everything and knows how to clean up other peoples messes *wink*. The other characters such as the gardner, cook, maid, and the other butler provide such comic relieve in between situations. Overall the characters are awesome!

Anime Awesomeness Scale

I give this manga/anime an A+. Please if you haven't read or seen this, do so and NOW! Don't make me send my ninja squad! They will do my bidding because I provide cake and it's not a lie! lol. Anyway you can see the sub of both Black Butler and Black Butler 2 on I also learned that two great voice actors are being announced that are in Black Butler. J Michael Tatum (Domaki in xxxHolic, Koyua (sp) in Ouran High School Host Club, etc ) is Sebastian *fangirl squee* and Brina Palencia (Juliet in Romeo x Juliet, Tamama in Sgt. Frog, etc) is playing Ciel! Great choices Funimation! I love you guys! Don't forget to check this show out. Anime Rules!!!!!!!!!!!